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sustainability point of view Directing the Future NEWH Sustainable Hospitality Resource Directory continues to grow The online directory was created through the efforts of its subcommittee chaired by Sharry Cooper of Architectural Alliance. FOUR YEARS AGO, NEWH ESTABLISHED the Sustainable Hospitality Committee for the purpose of advancing sustainable principles through education and scholarship opportunities. One of the two initial endeavors established was the creation of the NEWH Sustainable Resource Directory. The online directory was created through the efforts of its subcommittee chaired by Sharry Cooper of Architectural Alliance. Since its formation, the concept behind the directory has been to provide a comprehensive and informative approach toward educating the market. Due to the complexity of the hospitality market, four main categories were established with specific questions targeting each category. The current online sustainable directory also requests a statement of environmental responsibility or ethics from each entrant. Although NEWH Sustainable Hospitality is not a certification organization, all entries are self-certifying and available in their entirety online and subject to public review. Eco Talk: NEWH’s second annual Green Forum Roughly 40 industry leaders gathered in New York City at the W Lexington in June for NEWH’s second annual Sustainable Hospitality Leadership Forum. Sponsored by American Atelier, Fabric Innovations, Hospitality Design magazine, and Shaw Hospitality Group, the three-hour event included networking, a lunch, an update from Marc Heisterkamp of the USGBC, and an informative panel of leading sustainable experts. “We wanted a diverse mix, some brand representation, some architects,” explains Jeanne Varney of Host Hotels, the day’s moderator, adding that in the future, the NEWH Sustainable Committee may expand the forum into other sectors of the industry such as manufacturing and purchasing. The panel (scheduled in conjunction with the NYU Investment Conference) consisted of Robin Holt of Callison, who took a look at the hospitality industry’s green landscape (like 51 percent have incorporated green strategies in a recent building project) and shared her firm’s approach to integrating eco-friendly practices; DB Kim of Sheraton, who discussed the re-creation of the Starwood brand and the green initiatives he and his team employed; and Jefferson Thomas of Marriott, who delved into some of the green projects and practices his company is working on. Afterwards, there was a much-needed open Q&A. “I think everyone’s hearts are in the right place, but we need to all get on the same page before we can move forward effectively, and we need some precedents that are really remarkable in order to get the juices flowing,” says Rachel Massey of Clodagh Design, one of the attendees. “I am very interested in large scale paradigm shifts and I love open forums on the topic.” Adds Igloo Design’s Tracey Sawyer: “It was a place Marriott’s Jefferson Thomas to listen to the leaders and discuss how to further environmentally sound practices and education in the industry. It's an important time to get involved.” 24 september 2008 tel 800.593.NEWH Currently, the resource directory is in the process of being updated and reformatted for more interactive use with significant question updates included. As a result, we have created even more value to the directory and are encouraging all companies to make their sustainable efforts public through this directory. At close to 200 entries, the NEWH Sustainable Resource Directory contains a significant amount of information and listings to assist any specifier, student, consumer, or otherwise, in their sustainable projects. As a result of the breadth of information included in the directory, many designers have come to rely on it for their various hospitality projects. Due to the ongoing administration of this effort by the NEWH staff and the recommendations of the eight member subcommittee, a nominal fee will be charged for inclusion in the directory for all new entrants, and a discounted fee for existing ones. The fee is effective immediately. In addition, the resource directory will become a part of the new NEWH Sustainable Hospitality website that will include all of the initiatives set forth by the entire committee. The new website will be listed under all domains for sustainable hospitality. The changes to the directory are as listed below: The Sustainable Hospitality Resource Directory categories include: > Hotel/Restaurant Owners and Operators > Production, Manufacturers, Distribution > Service Providers – architecture, interior design, and procurement > General (applicable to all) > New Applicants (Non NEWH members): $100 — Company contact, address, website, email address, fax, and company logo included. > New Applicants (NEWH Members): $75.00 — Company contact, address, website, email address, fax, and company logo included. > Current Applicants: $50 — Annual maintenance fee. Free information updates.

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