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Caribbean Cool W Above, top to bottom: A custom light fixture made of hundreds of crystals on bendable wire decorates the entry to Aura; a closeup of the nightclub’s bar. 42 september 2008 tel 800.593.NEWH Jeffrey Beers International brings a theatrical experience to the Bahamas By Alia Akkam Photography courtesy of JBI WHILE LAIDBACK TROPICAL-THEMED BARS ARE DE RIGEUR in Caribbean locales like the Bahamas, Jeffrey Beers and his team wanted Aura, the new nightclub from Pure Management, known for PURE Las Vegas and Coyote Ugly, to be far more upscale and high-energy than the island was accustomed to. Located inside the new 600-room Cove Atlantis on Paradise Island, which Jeffrey Beers International also designed, Aura is a 7,000-square-foot space reached from the Atlantis Casino via a two-story high blue glass staircase. “The design mission of Aura was to create a visually lush and resonant nightclub—we paid great attention to detail, from the vivid perimeter walls to the sexy, witty bathrooms,” explains Beers. “One of the key features is the alternating LEDilluminated glass and mirror horizontal bands along the walls controlled by the DJ. The color and mood can change from red to strobe one minute to the next.” Masako Fukuoka, senior interior designer for the project and NEWH Greater New York member, says there was nowhere to enjoy a glamorous nightclub experience locally before the opening of Aura in May 2007. “The whole idea of the nightclub was to bring Las Vegas style to the islands, because no such thing existed,” she says. To achieve this look, Fukuoka and colleague Yvette Santiago used much specialized glass and relied on lighting and reflection to create movement and illusion. Backlit mirrored glass allows guests to see themselves, while losing a sense of space. Multiple colors of glass create a “crisp and dreamy feel.” Resembling a theater of sorts, the illuminated, sunken dance floor, surrounded by vinyl-upholstered banquettes, offers a contrast to the elevated DJ booth, while candle niches and gold upholstery in the pod-shaped VIP section add warmth. Physically, the custom light fixture in Aura’s entry proved to be the most challenging aspect of the year-long project. “It’s a crazy amount of crystals with bendable wire like Medusa’s head,” Santiago describes with a laugh. The team had to physically string the lights and bend each piece by hand. For the equally striking wall and ceiling coverings printed on adhesive vinyl, JBI turned to New York City-based Novo Arts. “The look needed to work with the tropical locale. The wallcoverings used on the ceiling were hand-traced orchid motifs that our designers developed, adding a narrative element so a story unfolds as you move along the wall,” explains Michael Maxwell, Novo Arts’ executive vice president. “We like to think that the custom imagery we’ve created for [the designers] enhances their work and our imagery is undoubtedly enhanced by the environments they’ve designed.” I

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NEWH - September 2008