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partner profiles How does NEWH stay afloat? With the help of its corporate partners. Take a minute to get to know this month’s highlighted companies. Fabricut Contract, a leading supplier of fabrics for various hospitality applications including drapery and upholstery, has recently announced the creation of two new positions to help direct its Environmental Plus initiatives. “Jennifer (Schreiner) and Molly (Larner) have the enthusiasm, experience, and knowledge to hold our company and employees environmentally accountable,” says Harvey Nudelman, president of Fabricut Contract. “Their continued education is a vital piece in our corporate initiative.” The company launched these corporate initiatives and product line earlier this year in a step forward to be an innovator and supplier of sustainable fabrics for the hospitality industry. Fabricut Contract recognizes that environmental concerns have come to the forefront in not only the production of goods, but also in daily business transactions. Through Environment Plus and these appointments, the company is engaging in new practices to help protect the environment. “NEWH has inspired our company with their ‘green’ initiatives and dedicated work toward greener consciousness,” says Nudelman. “This is just another benefit of being closely associated with NEWH.” ....... Ulster Carpets, maker of carpets for a wide range of hospitality spaces, has been actively involved in environmental initiatives for many years. In 1998, the company was one of the early textile companies to acquire the ISO 14001 Environmental Management standard and still holds that accreditation today. The environment is still a top priority. “Ulster thinks for the long-term,” says John Louw, president of Ulster Carpet Mills North America. Some of the significant achievements in the last five years have been a reduction in CO2 emissions of more than 4,700 tons per year and the replacement of inefficient equipment with equipment that is more energy efficient and produces less waste. The company is also working to achieve the Carbon Trust Standard, which establishes and reduces its carbon footprint; its patented PSYLO weaving technology was developed to improve product with enhanced design capability and increase manufacturing efficiency and energy efficiency; and Ulster’s technologically advanced weaving mill participates in the CRI Green Label Plus program covering all woven products sold in the U.S. “Ulster remains a family owned company with family ideals and ethics and is very much committed to reinvestment in the business,” explains Louw. “So also is our investment in NEWH. We believe in the ideals of the organization and we are, of course, hopeful that in some small way our support helps to grow discerning and well informed customers for the future.” ....... Hospitality Design (HD) magazine is the leading hospitality industry magazine connecting interior designers, architects, purchaser’s, owners, and operators, those that are involved in the design of hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, spas, and resorts. The magazine also creates several networking environments at its tradeshows, conferences, award galas, and other products including the Hospitality Design Boutique Conference & Exhibition (HD Boutique); the Hospitality Design Exposition & Conference (HD Expo); Hospitality Design Awards (HD Awards); and Platinum Circle. “HD is pleased to announce its Green Day series in conjunction with HD Boutique and the 2009 HD Expo,” explains Michelle Finn, vice president of the Hospitality Design Group (HD Group). Green Day is a one-day conference dedicated to green hospitality design with a full day of educational programs discussing eco-theory and practices. “Educational programming will focus on greener resources and topics concerning air, water, energy, and the impact of the built environment, combined with opportunities for information exchange with designers, architects, owners, and purchasers who are leading the way,” says Finn. “We have have benefited greatly from our long-standing partnership with the association,” says Finn. “We are committed to serving our community and our involvement with NEWH has helped strengthened our leadership position within the hospitality industry. Our team members have gained considerable industry knowledge and developed strong industry relationships through their participation in NEWH—we salute NEWH for creating opportunities for learning and relationship-building.” ....... Milliken Hospitality manufactures broadloom and modular carpet for all segments of the hospitality market. In 2008, the company made a commitment to make custom carpet design easy. To this end, the company has been focused on developing an exclusive selection of tools developed to help designers quickly create spectacular custom carpet. The first breakthrough was the award-winning étage technology, which allows users to combine various layers of pattern, add and subtract layers, and create vastly different looks out of the same core pattern. The next addition to the company’s Custom Made Easy toolbox was the PURE COLOR system, a box of 1,360 colors that is a science-based system that brings designers unlimited color, while simplifying the process of choosing and communicating their choices to get the custom results they want. Milliken Hospitality’s latest collection, KENAI is a combination of these technologies. The company is an operating unit of Milliken & Company (the only carbon-negative manufacturer in the textile industry) and shares its parent company’s policy of “Ecountability”—being responsible for the entire life span of its products and certifying the products and production to the most stringent standards by reputable third parties. “Milliken Hospitality is proud to support the continued development of the hospitality industry through NEWH programs,” says Steve Hillis, business manager, Milliken Hospitality. “We continue to find NEWH to be a valuable source of industry knowledge and inspiration and we appreciate the networking and business development opportunities provided by the chapter network.” Thanking NEWH’s 2008 Corporate Partners: benefactor: ULSTER, patron: AMERICAN LEATHER / HOSPITALITY DESIGN GROUP/NIELSEN BUSINESS MEDIA / MILLIKEN CARPET/HOSPITALITY supporting: BURTCO ENTERPRISES / DURKAN HOSPITALITY (Mohawk Industries) / ELECTRIC MIRROR – FABRICUT CONTRACT/ S. HARRIS / LEXMARK CARPET MILLS / MASLAND HOSPITALITY / NLP FURNITURE INDUSTRIES, INC. / SERTA INTERNATIONAL / SIGNATURE HOSPITALITY CARPET / TOTAL SCOPE CONSTRUCTION SERVICES / TOTO USA / UNIGROUP WORLDWIDE LOGISTICS 58 september 2008 tel 800.593.NEWH

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