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product know-how wallcoverings Just one look Wallcoverings do so much more than just coat a space Wallcoverings can help tell a designer’s story, through bold motifs, organic materials, and colors that speak calm (think spa) or loud (think lounge). Wrapping a space in wallcoverings takes knowing exactly what the application is and deciding on what the environment should tell guests. Whether using thin stone material for exterior cladding or vinyl for an interior wall, the selection process is important to create just the right first impression. To Cover or Not to Cover? Deciding between wallcoverings or a coat of paint? Well, there are many reasons designers consider wallcoverings—for louder spaces such as a nightclub, they have their acoustical advantages; durability and the ease of maintenance is high; and the designs, well, they are practically endless not to mention the cost savings. “In addition to providing the utilitarian benefits of durability and wear resistance, wallcoverings provide an aesthetic not easily achieved with other wall treatments,” explains Ashley Vizzi of York Wallcoverings. They give designers the freedom to really put the “writing on the wall” by making either a bold or subtle statement. “Aside from the obvious reasons for choosing wallcoverings over paint, our clients have the added opportunity, if not responsibility, to project themselves as leaders in their respective fields by choosing wallcoverings that make a clear statement about who they are,” says Mike Campitelli of Odyssey Wallcoverings. Wallcoverings play a large part in a space’s By Jana Schiowitz Above, from left: Len-Tex’s new Surface iQ PVC-free wallcovering shown in the Iden pattern in color Bravado (distributed in Canada exclusively by Odyssey); the newly launched breathable and strippable ECO-Deco wallcovering from York Wallcoverings. aesthetic. “Wallcoverings have taken bland walls and converted them into a dynamic looking area,” says Mike Glynn of MDC Wallcoverings. Walls act like a canvas where the design could make or break the caliber of the area. And if the walls aren’t so appealing at first glance, it will surely be remembered. “The well designed walls never get the proper attention they deserve, but the bad ones always stand out,” says Danielle Carpico of StoneSheets. From the beginning, know the application you are working with (wallcoverings for the guestroom may not work as well in the bathroom). “A challenge is selecting a product that is right for the specific application,” says Glynn. The covering has to fit all aspects of the design, from budget to durability to environmental qualities. “Too often we find that if these issues are not resolved at the start of a project, the designer is forced to seek alternates later which could compromise the other aspects of the original design work,” says Campitelli. Company representatives are key to helping to fulfill a designer’s vision. “We have material specialists, not sales people,” explains Carpico. “Our materials have a huge variety of combinations, with over 300 stones, custom finishes, and backing types, so we assist in making sure the right combinations is selected, providing unlimited freedom in regards to design,” says Carpico. Together, the designer and rep should work on customizing colors, weights, and designs—a full, hands-on approach. “It’s always simpler to get it right > the first time,” adds Campitelli. 20 november 2009 tel 800.593.NEWH

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NEWH - November 2009
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NEWH - November 2009