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product know how seating sitting pretty Indoors or outdoors, seating is the perfect balance of function and design By Jana Schiowitz We interact with seating on a daily basis—sitting in them, lounging on them. Barstools, banquet seating, sofas, stacking and dining chairs, and the list goes on and on. Seating can be comforting, a statement piece, or a welcoming element in a hotel lobby. Here, we talk to some of the seating experts on what’s happening in the seating market and just how it continues to evolve. Musical Chairs Seating is that product that will dictate what's going to happen in that space. Maybe it's a lobby in a boutique hotel or a fine dining restaurant. The seating will do all the talking. “Almost everyone knows what a barstool, lounge chaise, or ergonomic chair means in a room,” says Stan Shockley, Blue Leaf Hospitality. “Seating catches one’s attention upon entering a space,” adds Karolina Triska of Aceray LLC. And it’s also the product that gives designers so many design options to play with. Unlike other products in a space, seating is flexible—it allows for a complete design overhaul to its parts rather than purchasing a whole new product. “Take for example, you are able to make dramatic changes to any exposed wood chair by redesigning it with finish and fabric applications which changes the look and style,” explains Joe Cabrera, president of NLP Furniture Industries. Changes can be made for the upholstery, the finish, the woods, the cushions. Today, materials like laminates are being added to chairs for more color and style, Triska points out. “Seating is the main place where you can add both comfort and style to your hotel,” adds Jenna James, marketing manager of Edgecombe Furniture. “You can easily update your look with a change in seating by using different fabrics, styles, and cushion options, while making people feel more comfortable at your property." The keyword when it comes to seating is function. Take hospitality where products in high-traffic areas must perform day after day, survive stains, movement, and changing design trends while maintaining its own shape and comfort. “Whether for a restaurant, boutique hotel, or corporate office, our clients want to offer guests an inviting environment while maintaining the integrity of the brand,” explains Shockley. “Seating achieves this effect as the perfect cross between function and design.” “How [seating] looks and feels is critical to a client’s decision to sit, stay, and spend,” says Janice Feldman of > JANUS et Cie. “In adding to the client experience, it helps the owner/operator run and profit from their business.” Clockwise from top right: The orange upholstered Everflex Chair from Bertolini Direct; JANUS et Cie’s Trennza Lounge Chair; and the new wicker chair with black and white decorative pillows from Blue Leaf Hospitality. 26 fall/winter 2010 tel 800.593.NEWH

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NEWH - Fall/Winter 2010
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