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sustainability competition sustainable stay NEWH Sustainable Hospitality is set to begin accepting letters of intent from students and instructors for its sixth Sustainable Hospitality Design Competition. The 2012 competition is generously sponsored by JLF/ lone meadow (a sixth-year sponsor) and a new sponsor, Valley Forge Fabrics. This year’s competition challenges students to design the “Sustainable Guest Experience.” The students will communicate the sustainable story of a guest stay in a resort-hotel from the perspective of the guest. A new twist on last year’s competition will offer the student the choice of designing for one of two site types: Locale Type A: Restorative/Regenerative You are a part of a development team that is revitalizing an overdeveloped region which has lost commercial viability and is showing signs of environmental degradation. (Example: An abandoned industrial area or overdeveloped coastal region). Your team is involved in developing a resort-hotel as a part of this project. This may be an existing property, rehabilitation, or a new build. Your story should include research of the area and challenges involved in providing restoration/regeneration to the region. Locale Type B: Perpetuation/Preservation You are creating a new-build resort-hotel in a pristine natural habitat that is rich in biodiversity. The site area boasts a large amount of endemic species, and highly sought destinations for eco-tourists. The locale is unspoiled by commercial tourism with a strong cultural connection to the land and abundant, undeveloped resources. Your story should include research of the area and challenges involved in sustainable development. Chris Wasmer, vice president of education for NEWH, comments, “Year after year the competition is being used as a tool to teach sustainable design by instructors for both undergraduate and graduate courses. The increase in submittals of graduate level student projects prompted our committee to add an additional scholarship designated specifically for the best graduate level project. This will allow for a fair appraisal of student work by their class level.” The sustainable design competition fulfills the educational mission of NEWH Sustainable Hospitality by melding professionals in the industry with students and educators, highlighting critical thinking processes in how design can affect solutions to sustainable challenges in the hospitality industry. Wasmer also states, “The ultimate goal being to challenge the student to ideate solutions that are unconventional. The student communicates their ideas in a story-board format with all back-up research and documentation linked into their presentation.” Each year industry professionals are invited to participate in the final selection of the winning project. Our guest judges will be announced at the close of the competition in February. “The ongoing support of JLF/lone meadow and the new sponsorship of Valley Forge Fabrics make this exceptional student opportunity a reality, and we are very fortunate to have their commitment,” adds David Mahood, NEWH’s vice president of sustainable hospitality. > For more information, visit NEWH’s sixth Sustainable Hospitality Design Competition 10 fall 2011 tel 800.593.NEWH

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