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product know how wallcoverings hitting the walls Making a first impression never looked so good By Alia Akkam “Wallcoverings are among the biggest ways to make a design impact in a hospitality setting. ” Above, from left: Two of the patterns in Walker Zanger’s Tuileries collection: Arabesque and Concept Board. WHEN WE ENTER A ROOM, chances are it’s the walls that will meet our gaze first. As Jared Becker, executive creative director for Walker Zanger says, “Wallcoverings are among the biggest ways to make a design impact in a hospitality setting. Floors can too, but without product displays taking up space, walls can really grab attention. Especially in a restaurant, the walls you see when you walk in or behind the bar are a great place to set the ambiance.” Walls may have a striking presence, but simplicity, according to Keith Hudgins, director of marketing at National Wallcovering, is the most effective way of making an impression. “Designers love vibrant colors and respond to those tones, but when the purchase time comes, generally what you’re seeing is neutral palettes; they will always be the most popular.” Timeless and understated certainly doesn’t mean boring, however. Says Jessie Devereaux, marketing assistant at Maya Romanoff, “Our wallcoverings in particular are effective because they are unconventional; they are not pattern traditional, but surface- and material-based which brings to mind a handmade look and offers a level of luxury and high design to the space.” For example, Maya Romanoff’s Gilded Cloth combines the detail of elegant hand-applied gold and silver leafing against a flexible canvas backing. “It has a velvety feel,” continues Devereaux. “There’s an emphasis on three-dimensionality.” Walker Zanger’s Tuileries, a collection of ceramic tiles featuring hand-polished glazing, offers a modern spin on classic French design with bold patterns like the Arabesque. “Besides the fact everybody is trying to up the game, the focus on creating interesting spaces is stronger than ever,” Becker reveals. “We are definitely being asked > 32 fall 2011 tel 800.593.NEWH

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NEWH - Fall 2011
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NEWH - Fall 2011