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Q&A lisa homan Meet Lisa Homan Sales rep at Contract Alliance, and president of NEWH’s Chicago Chapter Why did you want to become involved in NEWH? What has it done for you? I joined NEWH in 2007 when I was still newer in the community. Greg Piper with MTS Seating told me about this organization that actively involved women in the hospitality industry and said I should check it out. I attended a couple of local NEWH Chicago events and then became a member and joined the board as the programming director in 2008. Over the past four years that I’ve been on the Chicago board, with the last two being president, I believe that NEWH has helped to enhance my career and position in the industry. Giving my time to an organization that promotes the development of individuals in our community and raises funds for local scholarships has been such a gratifying experience to me. I am proud to say that I’ve been on the board when our chapter has grown so much. What have been some of the highlights of your presidency? I think my focus has been to keep up the momentum that our chapter has garnered over the past few years, and to make sure we haven’t reached our peak and to continue to be a stronger chapter. Our board has two vice presidents who will move into the presidential position, so we can look ahead and know who will be the future presidents. We have four dependable people lined up for that role already. We have broadened out the board to not only include reps, but also designers and purchasing agents. I also have tried to implement more hotel and manufacturer tours, so there are more learning experiences tied into our networking events. Also, with our board becoming more active and the chapter stronger, we were able to host a NEWH Regional Tradeshow this year in October. What have been the chapter’s success stories? I think the most rewarding point for me is how we’ve been able to grow our scholarship fund. In 2007, we gave $10,000 in scholarships and this year we were able to award $15,000 in scholarships. I am hoping with the success of our fundraisers and tradeshow this year we will inch closer to $20,000 in 2012. We’ve been doing the KingPin Bowling Fundraiser for 13 years 10 winter 2011 tel 800.593.NEWH An InterContinental Miami guestroom. and we’ve added two mainstay events—the annual Summer Social and the Bootleggers’ Bash. Finish this statement, 2011 will be known for...The year I turn 30! Ha! But in all seriousness this is my fifth year in the hospitality industry and the first time that I’ve had to work through a recession. To have clients that are interested in using my manufacturers and appreciate the hard work I do for them has kept me going and feeling positive for the future ahead. How did you get in the hospitality industry? Actually, I kind of fell into the hospitality industry. I never knew that there were people that sold products to hotels and worked with designers on creating them. I was in public relations for a few years with Bloomingdale’s, so obviously I was into design and fashion. At the time, I was ready for change and sort of stumbled into my first job. I thought it would be a great transition into a new industry and the fact that trends and design change from year to year is refreshing to me. I represent Aqua Hospitality Carpets and Samelson Chatelane, and each time I work on a new project and get to partner with the designers on carpet and fabric, it is exciting to see what they choose and how we can best develop the items to fit the needs for the concept of the hotel. What is a job you are most proud of? The Hyatt Regency San Antonio. I worked with Looney & Associates and Rosemont Project Management on the job early last year. It was the first one I was awarded after joining Contract Alliance, Ltd. The trust that the project manager at Rosemont had in me and Alger-Triton on the job was truly meaningful and one that I will always remember. Another job from last year that has stuck with me is the JW Marriott Indianapolis with Simeone Deary Design Group and White Lodging. I had the opportunity to do custom sheers and drapery with Samelson and the casegoods with Kimball Hospitality. A project that I worked on this year that I am also very proud of winning is InterContinental Miami

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