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The Guide to INTERNATIONAL MEETINGS and INCENTIVES Take on THE WORLD T he fundamentals of meeting and incentive planning don’t change when going abroad—but the details certainly do. When organizing overseas programs, planners must keep abreast of international trends, emerging destinations, and cross-cultural opportunities. Now more than ever, smart planners will work hard to perfect their logistics and negotiate strategies in order to get the best value for their dollars in an evolving international marketplace. Selecting an international meeting site is fine-tuned work, and the decision hinges on several factors: availability, accessibility, and overall cost, among others. To help planners pinpoint the perfect destination for their groups, we’ve scanned the continents in “Destination Diaries. This special feature serves as your ” passport to popular meeting and incentive locations across the globe. Turn the pages further to our original research, where international meeting and incentive organizers divulge their planning details, including where they’re going, who they’re taking, and other important insider information. And to navigate the complexities of international budgeting, our feature “Show Me the Money” is chock full of advice from industry experts that will keep the world at your fingertips. The Authority on Meetings & Incentives Contents Destination Diary Europe 4 Americas and the Caribbean 22 Asia 28 Africa 33 Charting Their Course 34 Show Me The Money 38 MARCH 2009 SUPPLEMENT TO Produced by the Travel and Performance Group Custom Media Department 770 Broadway New York, NY 10003 Editorial: (305) 884-0295 Advertising Inquiries: Nella Veldran, Publisher (646) 654-7325 Marilyn Moore, Director Alison Golub, Executive Editor Nancy Lazarus, Research Director Denniston Brown, Creative Director Tessa Sestina, Associate Art Director Grace Casey, Production Manager 2 Successful Meetings/MeetingNews/Incentive / MARCH 2009

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Destination Diary Europe
Americas and the Caribbean
Charting Their Course
Show Me the Money