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Planner’s Workshop > Pre-Event 15 Black-Belt Sales Meeting Moves By John K. Mackenzie This is for all the full-time sales managers, marketing directors, and administrative assistants out there who are also meeting planners two, three, sometimes four times a year. Sales meetings are often more important for those who give them than they are for those who come to them. First, let’s take a look at what having an aggressive sales meeting management strategy can give you: Corporate visibility Control over a budget and agenda Influence over who says what about what A chance to prove you can create and coordinate complex events An opportunity to bank IOUs from those who can advance your career An opportunity to exclude those who can’t advance your career Site selection muscle (where would you like to play golf?) So here are 15 black-belt meeting moves you can use to translate potential into practice. (If you’re a “team player,” this checklist is not for you!) take credit as chairman. If the meeting bombs, spread the fallout! Find out what your sales force needs. Famous career termination line: “I already know what my sales reps want!” That’s why it’s important to use focus groups to get at hidden agendas. Tap a sampling of territory reps for suggestions. Accept anonymous submissions. Encourage notes via e-mail, intranet, or website. Review last year’s mission scripts and speeches; you may find they bear little resemblance to what has actually been happening. 2 Inside > ON SITE Take your speaker strategy public. PAGE 33 > TOOLS OF THE TRADE Accupressure golf glove; laser display system. PAGE 34 > PRE-EVENT It all starts with negotiation. PAGE 36 > PRE-EVENT Five questions about trade shows and training. PAGE 36 Circulate a statement of meeting goals and objectives. This will reinforce your position and flag you as someone to watch. People hate defining goals and objectives. They’ll be so glad you’re doing it there’s not much chance your choices will be challenged. You can always change your mind later. Be careful about advance publicity. Don’t start taking credit for a great meeting until you’ve had one. The best laid plans of mice and managers . . . A glowing preview in your company newsletter or webcast will surely come back to haunt you if your meeting backfires. 3 4 5 1 32 Organize a program advisory committee. Let everyone know who’s on it. If things go well, Always ask your boss to make a speech. And, for God’s sake, get a microphone and sound sysFEBRUARY 2008 SUCCESSFUL MEETINGS

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Successful Meetings - February 2008
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Successful Meetings - February 2008