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CVB Focus Making Cents of it Convention and visitors bureaus are working with planners through difficult financial times By Eric Butterman All W 30 I SM I February 2009 I ith the economic slowdown, companies will be sending fewer employees to meetings—if they send any at all. Some organizations are considering whether a once no-brainer annual conference can even happen at all. But CVBs and meet- ing planners are working together to find solutions, or at least adjust to problems like attrition. They’re looking at every cost and dealing with excessive hotel expenses (well, at least Vegas is starting to cave). It’s a challenging time, to say the least. How it’s met Baltimore, Ft. Worth, and Sacramento (top to bottom) offer the “3 City Express” partnership for booking multi-event deals

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Successful Meetings - February 2009
Editor's Letter
News Update: Meetings Associations Band Together
Planner Spotlight
Technology Talk
Food & Beverage
Making Cents of It All
Meanwhile, Back at Headquarters
Seal of Approval
Come Sail Away
Making Tracks
Places & Spaces
Florida’s East Coast
3 Days in Philadelphia

Successful Meetings - February 2009