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PLANNER’S WORKSHOP education Is CSR the missing piece in career development? Profession with a Purpose By Todd Demorest M ost organizations encourage or insist that their employees have a Developmental Action Plan (DAP), or something similar, which lays out an overall direction and includes steps to take for the employees’ career development. Because of the current economic climate, employees are nervous, looking over their shoulders, keeping their heads down, and doing the right things, but something is amiss. The tone in today’s cubes is less than optimal for the success of employees and their organization. Some fundamental elements, such as passion, connection, gratitude, pride, and ambition are missing from the employees’ mindsets. People simply can not muster up the energy to go the extra mile for an internal or external customer, have a sense of wonder, create new possibilities, and adopt an “I can make it happen” attitude without these core beliefs in place. The more energy a person may be focusing on themselves (woe is me, fear of the unknown, etc.), the less energy they have to put where it could benefit them and their organization most. Many DAPs include a philanthropic component but, when time is short and times are challenging, this seems to be last on the list to get completed. This Digital cameras enter the social networking age What’s Inside 16 17 Online gift cards now popular for incentives Green chile stew heats up group competition Curtis Sliwa on finding his calling I SM I February 2010 I

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Successful Meetings - February 2010
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Successful Meetings - February 2010