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3 DAYS IN Aruba Welcome to Aruba! This island of 90,000 has been making waves recently with its unexpected use of cranky comedian Lewis Black as its pitchman. All jokes aside, Aruba has added to its offerings for visitors with new flights from AirTran, a $6 million beach project, and a bevy of activities ranging from casinos to kayaking. DAY 2 ALL ABOUT THE VIEW DAY 1 ANIMAL ADVENTURES 10:00 AM Start your day by visiting Aruba’s caves. Guadirikiri Cave will draw you in with two chambers, lit by the sun, which streams in through holes in the cave’s roof. Fontein Cave mesmerizes visitors with its drawings by the Arawak Indians on the ceiling. And the Huliba Cave will delight with its heart-shaped opening, which has earned it the nickname, “Tunnel of Love.” 9:00 AM Believe it or not, Aruba’s climate and terrain make it an ideal home for ostriches. Visit the Aruba Ostrich Farm for a guided tour, an opportunity to feed the birds, and a stop at the incubator, hatchery, and pens to see young ostriches and emus. 1:00 PM Arikok National Park covers more than 20 percent of Aruba, primarily on the interior and northern coast. Take advantage of the more than 20 miles of hiking trails past Arawak petroglyphs (rock carvings), an early Dutch settlement, and Mount Jamanota, Aruba’s biggest landmass. 5:00 PM Visit the California lighthouse, near the northwestern tip of Aruba. Named for the U.S. ship, California, which sunk nearby in 1891, the site affords wonderful sunset views. Stop for dinner at the La Trattoria el Faro Blanco at the base. 12:00 PM Meander through The Butterfly Farm, a sister facility to those in St. Martin and St. Thomas. The Farm consists of large mesh structures, filled with tropical gardens, water features, and exotic flowers. Wear bright colors if you want to butterflies to land on you. DAY 3 FUN IN THE SUN 10:00 AM Spend the morning snorkeling in the shallow calm waters off Baby Beach, considered one of Aruba’s prettiest. Work is underway to have Baby Beach, along with Arashi and Mangel Halto, earn the Blue Flag ecological certification. 4:00 PM Take the Countryside and Hidden Lagoon tour with the fabulously named Rancho Notorious. This hour-long, beginner-level horseback ride takes you through off-thebeaten-path locations to view donkeys, iguanas, and parakeets in their natural environments. 2:00 PM Fun fact: The trade winds off Aruba make it the ideal place to wind surf and kite surf. Try a five-hour beginner package at the Aruba Kite Surfing School, which is sure to give you a solid handle on the basics. I SM I February 2010 I

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Successful Meetings - February 2010
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Successful Meetings - February 2010