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Performance Pundit > Bert Seelman Mouth For Sale To Your Health How are those New Year’s resolutions coming? Chances are you’ve abandoned some of yours, as have many of your attendees. But some people are still chugging along, taking steps toward living a better, healthier life. Or at least they want to. And Bert Seelman is here to help. Seelman overcame significant health problems early in life and went on to found Performance Fitness Systems, where both individual clients and health club and personal trainers are educated about Seelman’s approach to health, “We are caught up in the fact that most of us don’t act until there’s a problem,” like pain or becoming overweight, Seelman says, explaining the importance of encouraging healthy living. And with health care costs on the rise, companies are beginning to take an active interest in the health and welfare of employees; in response, Seelman has developed sessions on “Improving Health to Improve Performance and Productivity” and “A Health Plan to Lower Employee Insurance Costs,” in addition to such Seelman overcame childhood health problems to become a bodybuilder and then health guru. the cornerstone of which is the mantra “Results are Proof.” He believes America has gotten hung up on the idea of weight loss to the detriment of actual health, and his methods meld nutrition, fitness, rest, and education. “Every day, performance and productivity is affected from the moment you wake up by what you put in your mouth,” Seelman says, citing the importance of hydration and regulating blood sugar levels, and adding that “If your nutrients are balanced you won’t have cravings, and if your blood sugar is balanced you won’t be hungry.” His plan is designed to be userfriendly and simple; during his keynote sessions he discusses changes that will work across the attendee spectrum and punctuates his talks with quips he refers to as “Bertisms,” such as, “Most people who listen to their bodies need to hire an interpreter.” SUCCESSFUL MEETINGS MARCH 2008 topics as “Performance: Little Factors for Large Results” or “The Great Fitness Fraud.” He also offers advice for road warriors on how to eat healthfully while traveling. A Q&A session serves as the conclusion for Seelman’s talks, and he happily fields audience questions both at that time and via e-mail at a later date; although he adds that he is not a free consultant, “I am very accessible,” Seelman says. “In business, there’s a perceived value and a received value—I believe in delivering an extra added value every time. It’s such an honor to speak to people.” SEEL THE DEAL Fee: $5,500 Contact: Andrea Gold, Gold Stars Speakers Bureau, (520) 742-4384 By Kinley Levack 23

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Successful Meetings - March 2008
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Successful Meetings - March 2008