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Critical Conditions Good tech support can make or break a planner By Marc Boisclair support, reached a ‘supervisor’ in another country with a thick accent, explained the problem, and faxed her a repair request,” she says, but then heard nothAsk Bobbie Connolly about her experience with her computer manufacturer’s support team, and she responds tartly, “How much time do you have?” As the member services coordinator for Prairie Health Ventures in Lincoln, NE, Connolly’s the go-to tech-gal for her staff of five, and the point person for buying and maintaining the business’ computers. Her saga began shortly after purchasing a “lemonesque” laptop last August. “I couldn’t open attachments or email, and the printer driver kept installing, then disappearing on its own,” she says. Reboots, hung-up files, and Internet access problems ensued. The final straw came via a “problem with power adapter” popup during a reboot. “I plugged it into a different outlet, shut down, and started again,” she says. “Then I got this message filling up my entire screen: FAILED.” It gets worse. “I called tech Meetings Technology ing for days. Connolly called back, and asked for the supervisor again. The new tech person, located somewhere in Asia, couldn’t confirm the supervisor’s name or phone extension. “I called another support number, explained the entire situation again, and faxed the info again,” she says. A few days later the first supervisor resurfaced, asking “Where’s the info?” After a month of similarly frustrating, back-and-forth calls, then months more of trying to get reimbursed for her business loss, Connolly’s problematic hard drive was finally repaired and a check delivered. The final PHOTO: SR PHOTOGRAPHY / SUSAN RANTA Bobbie Connolly, of Prairie Health Ventures, often feels alone in the wilderness when it comes to tech support issues SUCCESSFUL MEETINGS 31

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Successful Meetings - March 2008
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Successful Meetings - March 2008