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Personal Success Green Bagging It Earth Day is April 22, and although there are myriad ways to help the planet that are dull or tedious, there are also great recycling options that are quite cool. Meeting planners should take a look at some of the unique tote bags created out of materials that many people wouldn’t think to reuse—convention banners, sails, and rice bags are the tip of the soon-to-be-saved iceberg. The beauty of these products is that each one is a bit different; since the materials are recycled, manufacturers must hand-select appealing colors and patterns to create the most aesthetically pleasing options. Although they can be pricier than conventional conference totes, they are attractive, can often be branded in a tasteful way, and are virtually guaranteed to be used after your event instead of tossed in the garbage—just perpetuating the cycle of waste. JUST IN CASE(S) In response to inquiries from clients, In Cases developed a line of products manufactured from recycled materials such as vinyl banners and wallpaper, fabrics, and scrap materials from the production of other goods. The company will work with planners to develop products within their budget and which reflect the needs of their group. Prices vary, but start around $28;; COME SAIL AWAY Why not commemorate a seaside meeting with a bag created from reused sails? These beautiful, durable, and unique bags sport hand-spliced rope handles, come in a variety of sizes, and are water-resistant and easy to clean. The supplier, Sea Bags, also offers wine bags, custom options, and limited-edition bags supporting particular causes, in addition to conventional totes. Start at $29 (bag at near right, $145); PLAY FAIR These attractive and colorful Gecko Koren bags are created from reclaimed rice bags. The rice bags originate in Vietnam, and the totes are crafted in a fair trade environment in Cambodia. At a mere half-pound apiece, they are lightweight, easy to ship, and convenient for attendees to take home. $24 each for two or more; available at APRIL 2008 SUCCESSFUL MEETINGS By Kinley Levack 28

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Successful Meetings - April 2008
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Successful Meetings - April 2008