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Planner’s Workshop > On Site Resolving the Risk Management Problem By Chris White PART ONE OF TWO Granted, there are lots of foreseeable challenges involved in the event management business. But what happens when something completely unforeseeable occurs? Inside Prior to last fall at the Global Events Partners (GEP) annual “Best Practices” > PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Get organized in 5 easy steps. meeting in Dallas, one of our destinaPAGE 37 tion management company partners related an unfortunate situation con> ON SITE How to combat trade nected with an event held in one of his show stress. PAGE 40 local markets. The situation involved a > PRE-EVENT The entertainment meeting planner who had contracted for PAGE 41 booking guide. a DMC’s services and, following an accident, was left to pick up the pieces. > TOOLS OF THE TRADE The book on green strategies; attendee The story resonated with many of websites. PAGE 42 our partners and our clients, and we realized that the issue of risk manage> PRE-EVENT How to keep suppliment was on the minds of many in the ers in the loop. PAGE 43 industry. We wondered whether it would be > PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT 7 tips for a healthy computer. possible to articulate a standard for PAGE 45 ensuring proper risk coverage connected with events—one that would remove > MIFORUM Q & A Successful RFP that burden from the shoulders of planstrategies. PAGE 48 ners and ensure that all parties are adequately protected. We invited Steve Levin, a senior vice president at travel and meetings industry insurer The Berkely Group to address the Best Practices session. His presentation was enthusiastically received, and the feedback was immediate. U.S.-based DMC partners in attendance agreed that a uniform standard governing risk was a good idea, and the contours of the standard quickly began to take shape. Here is the standard for U.S.-based DMCs, which was unanimously adopted by GEP’s Partners America’s Advisory Board at the Dallas meeting, and that, moving forward, all domestic GEP DMC partners must adopt. It’s a set of criteria that every meeting planner should apply to every DMC they work with: Maintain the current certificates of insurance of all your key suppliers for a minimum of $1 million in liability. Require key suppliers to name the DMC involved in an event as additionally insured. The DMC should conduct at least one annual APRIL 2008 SUCCESSFUL MEETINGS 34

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Successful Meetings - April 2008
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Successful Meetings - April 2008