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Planner’s Workshop > Pre-Event That’s Entertainment! (You Hope) By Adam Kahan So you’re looking to bring in some that encourage people to get up and comedians rarely ask for a soundgreat entertainment for your next condance typically don’t mind when some check of more than one hour (many ference. Choosing a performer sounds of the guests hang out at the bar in the don’t require one at all). Some variety like it should be a fun task, but decidback of the room and talk during the artists such as Cirque-style performers ing exactly which artist is ideal for your show, but this is a cardinal sin when a can require even more than three attendees is a tricky business. Comestandup comedian is onstage. Comehours for their rehearsals. So if you dy or music? Dance music or a dians need an audience to be seated, are having lunch or breakout sessions sit-and-watch concert? Established headline entertainment or an up-and-coming artist? There are far more variables to consider in this regard than most people realize. Here are some important points to keep in mind when considering what entertainer is the best fit for your event: Don’t think like a fan! Be careful to not let your own personal tastes drive your decision. While you may love a certain band or comedian, that doesn’t mean your audience will. Think carefully Will your group shout “Let’s Dance” or consider David Bowie a “Space Oddity”? about who your attendees are and what most of them are likely to find entertaining. and also to be quiet (except, hopefully, in the ballroom where the artist will be What is the average age? Where are for the laughs) during their performperforming later in the day, choosing a most of them from? Is it a spouse ances. If guests will feel that they are comedian may be a better fit for your event, where people are likely to losing valuable networking time with a schedule. dance, or is it a client event with a comedian onstage, go with a band Decide whether you need a “big mostly male audience, where the instead. name” entertainer. If your entertainattendees would prefer a comedian or Consider how much time you ment will be one of the draws to your great “bar band?” have available for the performer to event, then by all means, go after the Determine whether you want soundcheck or rehearse on the day sexiest name your budget will allow. attendees to be able to network and of the show. Headline concert acts But if you will have a captive audience, talk during the performance. If so, a often require three hours to soundthat is, people are coming regardless concert act is the way to go. Bands check prior to a performance, while of the entertainment, then it makes SUCCESSFUL MEETINGS APRIL 2008 41

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Successful Meetings - April 2008
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Successful Meetings - April 2008