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Editor’s Note > By Vincent Alonzo Codes to Live and Die By I’m writing this on March 15, known as the Ides of March in ancient Rome. It’s ironic that this day is part of one of the most tumultuous weeks in the history of New York State politics. As I’m sure you all have read, heard, or seen through one medium or another, a sex scandal has led to former New York governor Eliot Spitzer experiencing one of the swiftest falls of a political leader since Julius Caesar entered the Roman Senate on this fateful day. Due to a zealous cultivation of his image as an incorruptible champion of justice, Spitzer’s descent from being one of the most influential politicians in the country to a punch line in late-night talk show hosts’ monologues has been embraced with particular glee by the public. It aptly illustrates just how dangerous it is to become the standard bearer for a code of ethics and then not live up to that code yourself. It’s equally dangerous to establish such a code and then not enforce it. That’s the topic of an opinion piece by Mark Sonder, of Mark Sonder Productions, on page 120 of this issue. Sonder writes about his experience attempting to get an industry association to take action against a member who violated its code of ethics. In the end, all Sonder was left with was a question: “Why establish a code if you’re not going to enforce it?” It’s a good question. Unfortunately it’s one for which the industry has yet to find an answer. If censuring the less reliable members of our industry is not a viable strategy to establish standards, perhaps going in the other direction could provide a partial Vote at: solution. Let’s celebrate the planners and suppliers who are top caliber. The voting for the Successful Meetings Pinnacle Award is open until April 31. If you’ve held an event at a great hotel, resort, or conference center, or received outstanding service from a CVB, visit and click on the 2008 Pinnacle Award Ballot and nominate them. It will only take a few moments of your time, but the result will make it much easier for everyone in the meetings community to identify the suppliers who are the true professionals. EDITORIAL and EXECUTIVE OFFICES: 770 Broadway, New York, NY 10003, (646) 654-7381; fax (646) 654-7367; VINCENT ALONZO editor-in-chief, SUZIE AMER managing editor, TERRI HARDIN destinations editor, KINLEY LEVACK senior editor, NANCY LAZARUS research director, CONTRIBUTING EDITORS: ROBERT CAREY, RAYNA KATZ, MARSHALL KRANTZ, WILLIAM NG, MICHAEL GOLDSTEIN, TOM MCDONALD CORRESPONDENTS: NEELAM MATHEWS (ASIA); ED SCHMIDT JR. (FLORIDA); HEIDI WALDROP BAY (WESTERN U.S.) ART (646) 654-7348 DON SALKALN art director, PRODUCTION (646) 654-7293 GRACE CASEY production manager; SPECIAL PROJECTS (646) 654-7360 BETH WEST editorial director; ALISON GOLUB executive editor; AMY BOTHWELL creative director; DENNISTON BROWN art director; MICHELLE TROPIANO associate art director INFORMATION MARKETING (646) 654-7256 KWAFO group director, audience marketing, SUBSCRIPTIONS: (847) 763-9050 MARKETING (646) 654-7263 JENNIFER PEPPER STAM senior marketing manager, travel group, ADVERTISING (646) 654-7327 FOR THE NEW YORK OFFICE REPRINTS For advertising/editorial: The YGS Group, Jenny Kintner, (800) 3242930, e-mail: For one-time use of our content, as a full article, excerpt, or chart: Barbara Grieninger, (646) 654-4675, email: LIST RENTAL (646) 654-7220 MICHELLE WIESNER Vice President, Manufacturing and Distribution: Jennifer Grego Vice President, Audience Marketing: Joanne Wheatley ANOFF 8 APRIL 2008 SUCCESSFUL MEETINGS

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Successful Meetings - April 2008
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Successful Meetings - April 2008