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International Meetings INTERNATIONAL Planning group golf outside the U.S. requires local knowledge. Here it is By Robert Carey Incorporating a round of golf into a meeting or incentive itinerary is hardly a simple task. Essentially, it’s like planning another special event—except that it requires a full five hours on the schedule. Furthermore, coordinating this activity is not simply a matter of blocking out a few tee times and letting attendees loose on the course. And if your group is meeting outside the United States, the degree of difficulty in planning golf—both in terms of logistics and managing attendees’ expectations—rises considerably. To help you navigate foreign landscapes, we consulted with a few golf veterans who routinely work with meeting and incentive groups coming from the US. Their advice will make your job that much easier. THE wing S IN OUR BACKYARD In Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean, the percentage of American groups coming through is high enough that the group-golf experience bears many similarities to its domestic counterpart. However, there are two areas to which planners should pay particular attention. First, the differences in weather can be significant. For instance, in much of Canada, the range of “The golf industry outside North America is drastically different in a number of ways . . . it is often a challenge for American golfers to get accustomed to this.” —Kevin Devanney, Incentive Travel Solutions potential temperatures even in high season makes it imperative that attendees come with a few layers of clothing to play in, one of which is waterproof. On the flip side, the strength of the sun in Mexico and the Caribbean all year long makes it APRIL 2008 SUCCESSFUL MEETINGS ILLUSTRATIONS: MARK BREWER 82

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Successful Meetings - April 2008
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Successful Meetings - April 2008

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