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EDITOR’S LETTER The Authority on Meetings & Incentives I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts I ’ve got a jar of “Sweet Macapuno Balls” that has been sitting on my desk for about 10 years. I don’t know exactly what they are, but according to the label, the balls are made of gelatinous mutant coconut, whatever that is. It comes from the Philippines, where it’s considered a delicacy. Though I wouldn’t risk eating any of the now-fossilized coconut balls in the jar, I too find it precious—not as a snack but as a source of pride. It was given to me by my editorial staff when I came aboard as editor-inchief of Successful Meetings. A gag welcome gift is kind of a risky way to greet your new supervisor. But I had been working at the same company with these people for several years in other capacities, and they knew that, with my quirky sense of humor, I would get a kick out of getting a non sequitur type of gift. They also felt comfortable enough to have some fun with me on the occasion of becoming the “boss.” That made me feel like a success. We all have our own yardsticks for measuring professional success, and for me there have always been three benchmarks: 1. Be proficient at your job. 2. Be knowledgeable about your industry. 3. Be a good guy to work with. Every time I look at that jar of gelatinous mutant coconut balls, it reminds me that I’ve at least been successful at number three. It’s also an example of how to enhance an experience by expanding the scope of the materials used to create it. And that’s kind of what our cover story is about this month. Starting on page 28, Senior Editor Andrea Doyle takes a look at groups that have held meetings at spas that create treatments using products indigenous to their areas and have rigorous green policies to ensure the environment is being pampered as well as the guests. They have resulted in some pretty interesting spa treatments, such as red chili facials and Native American willow bark massages. Now that I think of it, I may have found another use for my gelatinous mutant coconut balls. EDITORIAL VINCENT ALONZO editor-in-chief, ANDREA DOYLE senior editor, LEO JAKOBSON senior editor, WILLIAM NG senior editor, JENNIFER RUF art director, PRODUCTION ADAM SCHAFFER production specialist,, (646) 654-7295 SPECIAL SECTIONS LESLEY KRAUTHEIM managing editor ALISON GOLUB editor SARAH VEIT associate editor TESSA SESTINA associate art director INFORMATION MARKETING CARRIE EISENHANDLER (215) 886-4488, CUSTOMER, SUBSCRIBER SERVICES (800) 697-8859; (847) 559-7533 MARKETING TOM LARRANAGA publisher, (201) 902-2044, CATHERINE MARCHESE marketing manager, (646) 654-5131, ADVERTISING (646) 654-7327, New York office REPRINTS The YGS Group, Diana Sholl, (800) 501-9571, For one-time use of our content: Dana Parra, (646) 654-4696 LIST RENTAL Nikki Miller, (646) 654-7261 Editorial Offices: 770 Broadway, New York, NY 10003 (646) 654-7361; Fax (646) 654-7365; Chairman and Chief Executive Officer: Thomas L. Kemp Chief Financial Officer: Linda Li Davachi E x e c u t i v e Vi ce Pre sid ent /Gr ou p Pu b l ish er : Robert G. Sullivan E x e c u t i v e Vice President, Digital Media: Thomas Cintorino V ic e Pr esi de n t/G ro up Pub lis h er : Bernard Schraer V i c e Pres id ent / Edi tor ia l Dir ect o r: Lori Cioffi V i ce Pr es id ent /Ed it or ia l Di re cto r: Arnie Weissman V ice President, Human Resources: Janine L. Bavoso V ice President, Content Licensing: Sheila Rice D i r e c t o r, P r o d u c t i o n : Robert Brai D i r e c t o r, I n t e r n e t P r o d u c t i o n : Roberta Bianchi-Muller D i r e c t o r, I T I nf r as t ru ctur e and O p er at i on s: Richard Mastropietro Plea se Re cyc le This M a ga ec y cling zin e eI ov Re m Vincent Alonzo, Editor-in-Chief ns er t s&S amples B r efo 6 I SM I May 2010 I eR

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Successful Meetings - May 2010
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Successful Meetings - May 2010