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PLANNER’S WORKSHOP education By Denise Persson, CMO, ON24 ‘Hybrid’ Trade Show Best Practices A PHYSICAL SHOW CAN BENEFIT FROM A VIRTUAL COMPONENT V irtual events—webcasts, webinars, and virtual trade shows—have come to the fore in 2009. The virtual event is an ideal solution in a tough economy, as enterprises strive to reduce costs associated with travel and physical events. However, there is also an emerging and increasingly popular trade show category: the “hybrid” trade show. These are meetings and conferences that extend traditional physical events with a virtual component. The combination of in-person events with webcasting and other online resources results in a hybrid event that offers the best of both worlds in terms of reaching prospects and maintaining high levels of customer contact. As you consider the use of virtual components to complement traditional trade shows, keep in mind these basic principles to ensure that your hybrid show is successful. 1 Communicate benefits clearly to exhibitors. Help exhibitors understand that adding a virtual component adds value and 16 Office accessories make long hours easier to bear 17 Incentivize employees on the cheap What’s Inside 18 20 Get them grilling at The Broadmoor’s BBQ U The importance of long-term thinking 22 Negotiating strategies in changing times 26 Fay Beauchine on the power of travel 12 I SM I August 2009 I

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Successful Meetings - August 2009
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Successful Meetings - August 2009