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PLANNER’S WORKSHOP visionaries Fay Beauchine on the power of travel, the key to success, and the joy of fountain pens Bestowing Wings on Others By Andrea Doyle here is so much more to travel than seeing new places. It is about immersing yourself in a new culture, eating unusual food, taking in local attractions, observing the way others act, and interacting with new people. As a traveler boards an airplane, gets on a train, or zooms off in a car, her world is magically expanded. She will never see things the same way again. Growing up in the agricultural community of Crookston, MN, the opportunity to travel wasn’t readily available, explains Fay Beauchine, Carlson Marketing’s president of engagement and events. A part-time job at a travel agency during college was her key to the world, and she shared it with her parents. “I am so proud that I gave my mom and dad wings when they were alive. I took them on their first trip to Hawaii when I was in my twenties. This was the first time they were ever on an airplane,” Beauchine explains. “Then we were off to Europe. Eventually, I made the arrangements for them to go on T watching people discover other cultures, both on the event and leisure side of the business. That experience of broadening your mind as you begin to understand that the United States is not necessarily the center of the universe,” makes it all worthwhile, she says. “You understand this when you stand in the middle of Tiananmen Square, when you stroll the streets of London, or when you take in the hustle and bustle of Dubai. You realize there are other centers of the universe, but that people are the same everywhere. This is how you broaden your perspective.” Never Give Up Beauchine has been involved in the travel and hospitality industries for more than 30 years. She started with Northwest Airlines in the sales department and worked her way up to vice president. The airline was expanding its route system to Asia and Europe, where Beauchine would often travel. Today, at Minneapolis-based Carlson, she leads a team of approximately 300, spread across 22 states. She is extremely proud of the fact that client retention at escorted tours on their own. They were participants, not just sightseers, in the travel experience. As they became older, these trips were the source of cherished memories and stories they could tell the rest of their lives.” Today, at Carlson Marketing, Beauchine shares the gift of travel and motivation with her clients. “I just love 26 I SM I August 2009 I

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Successful Meetings - August 2009
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Successful Meetings - August 2009