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> On Site new generation of workers is less loyal to a particular company or work group, and more focused on themselves and their specific role in the world (and, by extension, the workplace). For them, teambuilding has come to represent an upper-management tool that has no direct relevance to their daily job tasks. Thus, a shift in language is necessary. After all, isn’t teambuilding just a result of individuals communicating clearly, sharing information, and collaborating instead of competing? Sales teams that understand this are amazing to behold and are a force to be reckoned with inside a company. I believe that an effective teambuilding session is actually about individual-building, with the feeling of being part of a team as a side effect. If “teambuilding” has come to symbolize the marginalization of the individual, then the “Power of One” is the potential that Planners Workshop each one of us has to change the world. The most powerful teambuilding programs are those that help individuals relearn, or recognize the importance of, the skills they already have. Otherwise, they are fun at best or a complete waste of time at worst. So, what can a company expect from an effective teambuilding session? The most powerful way is to give individuals a shared, positive experience within a nonthreatening and safe framework. A paintball game that leaves people with bruised bodies and sore feelings is not an effective development tool. Neither are feel-good activities like picnics, bowling, or Friday happy hours. These activities have a place in organizations for providing people with an outlet for fun, but they should not be considered teambuilding. Instead, a successful teambuilding program includes three important components. First, program leaders must introduce the San Antonio’s ideal climate and friendly people helped to grow our convention. “Our membership has always loved the convenient, comfortable atmosphere here. The ease of access between first-class facilities such as the convention center, hotels, restaurants and the River Walk is conducive to networking and encourages productivity as well as relaxation. The city always rolls out the red carpet for us with their unmistakable hospitality. And with approximately 40% international delegates, we’re convinced that the charm and culture of San Antonio keep bringing them back year after year.” —Helen Kutska, NPRA Tools of the Trade A WHEELY GOOD LAPTOP CASE BY VINCENT ALONZO In addition to its wheels, the Smart Strap retractable shoulder strap makes the case easier to carry and will automatically retract into the case frame when not in use. The SOLO Leather Smart Strap Rolling Laptop Case can accommodate most 15-inch laptops and also has additional room for a second laptop or other gear. The efficient, zip-down organizer allows you to carry even more with its integrated zippered compact-disc holder. For more information, visit, That’s why the NPRA has committed to booking their meetings in San Antonio through 2016. To book your next meeting in San Antonio, visit USB LOCK-DOWN EncryptaKey is a recently launched security technology device designed to protect user identity anytime, anywhere. Users simply insert the device into their USB port, verify their identity with the Bio-metric finger scanner, and type in their password. From there, the EncryptaKey’s operating system (OS) is launched, bypassing the built in OS system and all of its intrinsic security flaws. When connected to the Encryptakey portal, you no longer have to worry about viruses, spyware, keystroke counters, or any other malicious intruders. For more information, visit 1-866-517-7771 SUCCESSFUL MEETINGS OCTOBER 2007

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Successful Meetings - October 2007
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Striking a Balanace
IACC’s New Generation
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Successful Meetings - October 2007