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Editor’s Note > By Vincent Alonzo Time Bandits I was out of town for 15 days (including weekends) in September. That comes to 50 percent of the month spent away from home. Here’s how the days broke down: Eight days—business trips Four days—social activities Three days—family obligations All that left me was 10 weekdays in which to accomplish my work for the month. And after subtracting the minutes and hours spent doing the every day chores and errands required just to run my life, September ended up be one rough month. The time bandits cleaned me out and left me by the side of the road. Fortunately, I’m not responsible for raising any children—my biggest concern when I leave to go on the road is to make sure my refrigerator door is closed and the gas on my stove is turned off— oh yeah, and to set my VCR to tape any shows I’m going to miss. But if you’re a meeting planner, and you have children, the time bandits have you under constant surveillance, just waiting to pounce. Keeping these barbarians outside of your gate is the topic of this month’s cover story, which begins on page 24. It features a great case study of CRG Events, a Seattlebased meetings firm that helps all of its 75 employees find the time to develop their family lives as well as their careers. One way to find the time to focus on your home life is to partner with great suppliers. If you’ve worked with any great convention or conference service managers who’ve made your life easier, give them a little recognition. Visit and nominate them for the CSM of the Year Award. The awards will be presented this January in Seattle at the annual conference of the Association of Convention Operations Management. And while you’re on our site, cast your vote to choose the Seven Wonders of the Gaming World. Lastly, in an effort to ease any concerns—and nip any angry letters to the editor in the bud—please note: Thanks to the wonders of Photoshop, no babies or stacks of paper were injured during our cover shoot. EDITORIAL and EXECUTIVE OFFICES: 770 Broadway, New York, NY 10003, (646) 654-7381; fax (646) 654-7367; VINCENT ALONZO editor-in-chief SUZIE AMER managing editor TERRI HARDIN destinations editor KINLEY LEVACK senior editor JENNIFER LEVEY online editor NANCY LAZARUS research director PHILLIP HENNESSEY editorial intern ROBERT CAREY editor-at-large CONTRIBUTING EDITORS: RAYNA KATZ, MARSHALL KRANTZ, MARIANA LEMANN, WILLIAM NG, MICHAEL GOLDSTEIN, TOM MCDONALD CORRESPONDENTS: NEELAM MATHEWS (ASIA); ED SCHMIDT JR. (FLORIDA); HEIDI WALDROP BAY (WESTERN U.S.) ART (646) 654-7348 DON SALKALN art director PRODUCTION (646) 654-7293 GRACE CASEY production manager; PHYLLIS JEFFERSON production director special projects INFORMATION MARKETING (646) 654-7256 KWAFO ANOFF group director, audience marketing SUBSCRIPTIONS: (847) 763-9050 MARKETING (703) 488-2739 JOHN TOLER marketing manager, travel & performance group ADVERTISING (646) 654-7327 FOR THE NEW YORK OFFICE REPRINTS For advertising/editorial: FosteReprints, Heather Dubie, (866) 879-9144 x134, e-mail: For one-time use of our content, as a full article, excerpt, or chart: Barbara Grieninger, (646) 654-4675, e-mail: Barbara.Grieninger@ LIST RENTAL (845) 731-2731 JULIUS SINGLE Vice President, Manufacturing and Distribution: Jennifer Grego Vice President, Audience Marketing: Joanne Wheatley Vice President, Marketing Services: Drew DeSarle 6 OCTOBER 2007 SUCCESSFUL MEETINGS

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Successful Meetings - October 2007
Editor's Note
On the Record
Technology Talk
Mouth for Sale
On Site
Tools of the Trade
Striking a Balanace
IACC’s New Generation
Suffering from “Green” Fatigue?
There Once Was a Group in Nantucket . . .
A Trick and a Treat
Places & Spaces
Reno / Lake Tahoe
New Orleans
Los Cabos & Baja
Ontario Province

Successful Meetings - October 2007