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Meeting Meeting Sites Sites Lake Tahoe / Reno B L U E C R U S H : Spanning California and Nevada, the area surrounding Lake Tahoe is a tale of two states, offering summer and winter activities, a plethora of casinos and spas, and plenty of space for meetings and events. The North Lake Tahoe area offers more than 30 meeting sites in California and Nevada, 200,000 sf of meeting space, and 7,000 rooms, according to the CVB. Meanwhile, the area known as South Lake Tahoe offers 100,000 sf of meeting space and 4,000 hotel rooms. Then, over in the “Biggest Little City in the World,” Reno is winning accolades as one of America’s “50 Next Great Adventure Towns” from National Geographic Adventure this year. Add in the Reno-Sparks Convention Center, with 500,000 sf of exhibit space, and average costs 30 percent lower than in comparable secondtier destinations, according to the CVA, and you’ll find the gaming hot spot has plenty of cards up her sleeve. By Jennifer Merritt Essential Tool Box Convention Center/Facilities: Reno-Sparks Convention Center, 500,000-sf center with 380,000 sf of dedicated meeting space and 67 meeting rooms. Reno Event Center, 118,000-sf arena facility with 55,000 sf of dedicated meeting space. For More Information: Reno-Sparks CVA PHOTOS: TOP: SUPERSTOCK; BOTTOM: COURTESY HYATT REGENCY North Lake Tahoe VB Lake Tahoe VA For complete listings visit Facility Quick Search at 124 OCTOBER 2008 SUCCESSFUL MEETINGS

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Successful Meetings - October 2008
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Successful Meetings - October 2008