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Personal Success The Road Beckons For all the canceled flights, lost hotel reservations, strange foods, and potential etiquette blunders, there’s something wonderful about travel. Whether it’s the appeal of completely immersing yourself in a wildly different lifestyle or just visiting the Hard Rock Cafe in a new city, there’s an experience for everyone. To smooth the transition, though, it’s important to prepare. Good luck sounding out a street sign in China or capturing a great photo of yourself in front of the Tower of Pisa. Travelers need to pack a trick or two in their carry-on to get the most out of the trip. Beyond a slide show, share a trip’s flavor with friends by just sitting home and eating a deliciously international dinner, having traveled only as far as the grocery store. Bon voyage and bon appetit! FINE CHINA If the Olympics piqued your interest in visiting China, consider investing in the AM101, a pocket-sized Chinese-English translator and dictionary, which weighs just six ounces and run on two AAA batteries or a USB cable. It translates words, phrases, and sentences, showing both the Chinese characters and pronunciation; other features include a calendar, clock, calculator, currency converter, games, and information on Chinese history, geography, climate, festivals, and culture. $159.99; CLOSER TO HOME If you can’t travel but wish you could, try a recipe kit from Destination Dinners. Choose from kits for Boston Beach, Jamaica (Jerk Chicken and Shrimp BBQ), Kyoto, Japan (Saikyo Miso), or Dhaka, Bangladesh (Chicken Garam Masala), among others. Kits include a recipe, most ingredients, a shopping list, and table-setting suggestions. Corporate gift orders are available, as are custom kits with business culture information and trivia. $25; PHOTO: CORBIS HIGH AND MIGHTY Should you give the Gorillapod as a gift, you may also have to explain its purpose, but then it’s a guaranteed hit. No more taking cockeyed pictures of yourself in front of the Eiffel Tower or the pyramids—attach the Gorillapod to a camera, and use the three legs to secure the device to a railing, tree, or other surface, and capture the beauty of a destination all by yourself. Available in six colors. $24.95; By Kinley Levack SUCCESSFUL MEETINGS OCTOBER 2008 17

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Successful Meetings - October 2008
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Successful Meetings - October 2008