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Planner’s Workshop Mastering Preferred Relationships Preferred Vendors Payment Procedures Packaging Price > Pre-Event Leveraging Corporate and Meeting Travel By Michael MacNair PART 3 OF 3 Travel and meeting managers feel the pain of travel and/or meeting anarchy. It results in wasted money (unleveraged expenditures, lack of clear budgets, and price guidelines), wasted time (efficiencies missed in technology and process), reduced confidence (from a lack of support and advocacy), and reduced control (lack Inside of data). There are powerful syner> Tools of the Trade Pillow gifts gies to be gained by leveraging for a good cause; magnetized meeting and corporate travel costs banner hooks but they are often missed. So don’t PAGE 27 feel bad. Instead, get moving on > On Site Creating audiovisually tightening, updating, or developing appealing meetings one strong combined travel and PAGE 29 meeting policy that defines the rules, provides direction, and offers suggestions with emphasis in the following five “P” areas and gain maximum leverage for 2008 and beyond: price, procedures, payment, preferreds, and packaging. The first part of this three-part series took a look at price strategies. The second part explored procedures and payment. In part three we’ll delve into how mastering the nuances of preferred relationships and packaging can lead to big savings. PREFERRED VENDORS Travel suppliers (airline, hotels, car rental, motor coaches, etc.) recognize and appreciate an organization that brings a great volume of business to them and can direct its users to their services. So leveraging your transient and meeting travel volumes will impress these partners and having a strong policy that directs travelers to these suppliers and has controls and teeth will also impress them. When impressed, suppliers can provide you discounts, affinity programs with back end values like tickets and club membership, influence to clear space when otherwise not available, free amenities, complimentary meeting rooms, and overall just better service. Communicate all preferred suppliers in your policy and explain why and when the support is required. Consider who will negotiate these rates and deals and manage these relationships; offer up the maximum amount of business for success (combined volumes, multi-year agreements, etc.). Professional service companies will be impressed with the same commitment and will provide the same service. These suppliers include your travel management company, meeting management company, OCTOBER 2008 SUCCESSFUL MEETINGS 22

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Successful Meetings - October 2008
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Successful Meetings - October 2008