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Planner’s Workshop > On Site 12 Tips for Thriving on a South African Safari By Jo C. Tu For most incentive attendees, a South African safari is the reward of a lifetime. But it’s a unique experience that comes with hurdles that a more commonplace resort destination won’t have. Here are 12 tips that will help your attendees meet these challenges. Layers, layers, layers: Even though temperatures can easily hit over 90 degrees during the summer and 80 degrees in the winter, they can drop to the 40’s and 50’s in the mornings and evenings. Layering a warm jacket or sweater over T-shirts and tanks can help you keep warm on morning and evening safaris. 1 Consult with your family doctor: Immunization shots for tetanus and yellow fever as well as malaria pills are insisted upon, particularly if your lodge is in a malaria area. Guests traveling to a game reserve like Shamwari on the Eastern Cape of South Africa are in a malaria-free zone. 2 Extra battery with international adaptors for cameras: For all those pictures that you’ll take on safari to see the “Big Five”—lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo, leopard—and other fauna, make sure you pack adapters for voltage 220 with round three-pin plug. You don’t want your camera to die with no way to recharge. Comfortable shoes: For bush walks or riding on elephants during your safari excursion, comfortable shoes are a must! Many of the private lodges offer a vast array of activities to view flora and fauna. Canoeing, gyrocopters, riding ATVs, golf, shooting ranges, and more require you to be able to move comfortably and safely. 3 4 Check your passport: Visiting South Africa requires two completely empty pages in your passport alongside each other. Avid globe-trotters can add additional pages to their passport for a nominal fee. 5 Bring books and music to pass the time while flying: The flight to South Africa tends to be a journey itself. Make sure you have something to entertain you while on the flight over. Most airlines heading to South Africa show the latest movies to help ease the boredom. 6 7 Bring a swimsuit: Most lodges in South Africa boast a swimming pool to help keep the heat at bay during a hot afternoon. Make sure you bring that suit for lounging at the main pool or at your own private plunge pool. 8 Donations: Many of the game reserves do an incredible amount of community work, thus any donation of old clothes, stationery, pens, pencils, etc. would be appreciated. Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve and the Bushman Company have many ongoing community projects that help support local school communities. the is South African Rand. 9 In South Africa,dollarscurrencyrand thebring home a souvenir. Make sure to exchange your for the to 10 Sunblock, hats, and insect repellent are a must when out in the African bush. safari: Many lodges have not be able to go 11 Children onexcursion. Check with yourprograms for children who mightrestrictions. Game on a safari lodge to see if there are age Photos: courtesy Sabi Sabi reserves such as Sabi Sabi allow children eight and above to have this awe-inspiring experience. 12 If time isn’t an issue, your group can ease jet lag and stretch their legs by breaking up the 19-hour flight and flying to Europe for a one-night stay. From there you may take a direct flight to South Africa, where you will arrive feeling refreshed and well-adjusted to the time difference. Jo C. Tu, is an account executive with Montgomery Communications, a public relations agency that specializes in travel and tourism throughout Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean. To contact her, visit or call (212) 209-3915. 24 DECEMBER 2008 SUCCESSFUL MEETINGS

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Successful Meetings - December 2008

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