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Speakers Guide RecessionFriendly Speakers Need to get more bang for your buck when it comes to speakers? Here are a few picks at reasonable price points By Kinley Levack JOHN CHAPPELEAR Fee: $5,000 When the economy is in the gutter and many people are trying to do the work of two or more just to hang on to their jobs, the idea of a work/life balance can seem tough to achieve, if not downright laughable. But for Chappelear, having a fulfilling personal life is imperative for a successful career—and after spending 25 years in the business world, and as a father of three, he speaks to these issues from experience. His signature keynote covers “The Daily Six,” which are steps that attendees can take toward setting priorities and creating peace of mind; he also offers presentations on strengthening leadership, communication, teambuilding, and increasing creativity and productivity in an organization. In addition to keynote speeches, Chappelear offers one-onone coaching, consulting, and workshops. The workshop program includes over 25 topic choices, such as Handling Conflict and Confrontation; Managing Multiple Locations; Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Managers and Supervisors; and Communicating with Tact and Skill. DECEMBER 2008 SUCCESSFUL MEETINGS 30

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Successful Meetings - December 2008
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Successful Meetings - December 2008