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LOCK, STOCK & BARREL RANDOM SHOTS OPENING SHOT Bianchi Cup 2009 W ith 30 new production shooters toting their everyday guns, a turnover of the crown in both the men’s and women’s open events, and continued support from household-name sponsors, this year’s NRA Bianchi Cup was a success any way you measure it. In the words of Match Coordinator and NRA Action Shooting Manager Tom Hughes, “By listening to our sponsors, competitors and former police officer John Bianchi himself, we’re all working toward bringing the Cup to a larger audience. Our major sponsors, including Larry and Brenda Potterfield of MidwayUSA, Scott Carnahan of Safariland, Bud Fini of SIG Sauer and Dave Sevigny of Glock all see value in this team approach to making the Cup the most prestigious pistol championship in the world.” One hundred and ninety participants made the trip to Columbia, Mo., this year—up from previous years despite a flat economy. Shooters from Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand and Switzerland shot shoulder-toshoulder with U.S. action shooters to compete for the Cup. Many who made the trip were first-time action shooters, thanks to the new Production Division. In addition to the expensive “race guns” in the open and metallic divisions, this year’s firing line saw Springfield XDs, SIGs, Glocks, CTOBER Julie Golob (Smith & Wesson) (l.) toppled fellow worldaction champions for top honors with an overall lead of 14 points. Photos by Tam Adams and Chip Lohman 22 O 2009 WWW.AMERICANRIFLEMAN.ORG http://WWW.AMERICANRIFLEMAN.ORG

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American Rifleman - October 2009
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Loading Bench
The Mayor vs. The People
Ruger’s SR-556: Ready To Run, Right Out Of The Box
The Colt U.S. M4 Carbine
The Truth About Gun Shows
Lincoln’s Rifles: “They Might Have Stayed To See The Shooting”
What Is A Purpose-Built Shotgun?
The ABCs Of Handgun Marksmanship
Making The Right Turn
Dope Bag: Data & Comment
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American Rifleman - October 2009