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TECHNICAL QUESTIONS & ANSWERS Q U.S. 1808 Contract Musket The enclosed photos are of a intlock I bought at an estate sale. I do not know who the maker is. Apparently, the gun hung over a kitchen replace for more than 40 years. I have carefully cleaned it with Hoppe’s No. 9, and it looks pretty good. I didn’t take it apart or use any other solvent, so the grime still looks a bit chunky in spots. I don’t intend to clean it any further, and I de nitely won’t be tinkering with it any more. It is 57¼" long, weighs about 9 lbs., and is marked “W.N. & S” on the lockplate. The bore is smooth, and I was unable to detect any ri ing. indicates that 3,900 arms had been delivered. From what I can ascertain from your photographs, the musket appears to be in very good condition. If you plan to keep the piece, I suggest you have it professionally cleaned. I suspect the stock may be rather brittle after sitting over the replace for so many years. A reputable, competent gunsmith should know exactly how to clean the gun and preserve the stock. Be careful to whom you trust this work, as this is a very rare musket. May I suggest you contact: The House of Muskets, Inc. (Dept. AR), P.O. Box 4640, Pagosa Springs, CO 81157; (970) 731-2295; —HARRY HUNTER The initials “W.N. & S.” represent James Winner, Abraham Nippes and John Steinman of Philadelphia, Pa. During the second quarter of 1809, they delivered 500 muskets to Tech Coxe, Purveyor of Public Supplies. On July 20, 1808, they contracted with the government to supply 9,000 U.S. Model 1808 muskets within ve years. A report dated Oct. 7, 1812 A Member photos SQUEEZE OUT MORE ACCURACY. Until now, even the best rifle stocks have been attached to actions along a single vertical plane. The new AccuStock from Savage actually clamps down on the action vertically, horizontally and front to back. This revolutionary 3D Bedding System literally squeezes more accuracy out of the whole rifle. In fact, on some of our test guns, it squeezed out as much as 50 percent better accuracy. So it’s not just a better rifle stock, it’s a better Savage.

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American Rifleman - October 2009
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American Rifleman - October 2009