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Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of American Rifleman - October 2009

American Rifleman - October 2009
From The Editor
Armed Citizen
Standing Guard
President’s Column
Welcome To NRACountry
Readers Write
News, Notes and Ephemera
Questions & Answers
Loading Bench
The Mayor vs. The People
Ruger’s SR-556: Ready To Run, Right Out Of The Box
The Colt U.S. M4 Carbine
The Truth About Gun Shows
Lincoln’s Rifles: “They Might Have Stayed To See The Shooting”
What Is A Purpose-Built Shotgun?
The ABCs Of Handgun Marksmanship
Making The Right Turn
Dope Bag: Data & Comment
Political Report
Trigger The Vote
NRA-ILA Report
Regional Report/Member Info & Benefits
Programs & Services
I Have This Old Gun

American Rifleman - October 2009