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Traveler’s Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States – a state-by-state guide to the gun laws most useful to the traveler – nra law enforceMent/50th anniversary continued from p. 91 2010 concealed carry reciprocity glove compartment carry (where is it legal?) vehicle carry (storage or front seat?) (loaded or unloaded?) open carry on your person how to handle a traffic stop sixty-eight pages of information includes Canada and Mexico written by an attorney Stay on the Road and Out of Jail! Traveler’s Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States 20 10 OVER CHANGES 42 Only $13.95 (Includes Bulk Mail S&H) A Must For Every Gun Owner! Send payment with form below to: Add $4 for 1st class mail researched and written by J. Scott Kappas, Esq. Traveler’s Guide P.O. Box 2156 Covington, KY 41012 Name Address City Zip Code Please charge my: Credit card no. Phone ( ) o VISA o M/C State o Discover armorer schools and information seminars to help law enforcement officers and agencies. We will continue to look at new opportunities to help our fellow law enforcement and military personnel.” Any NRA member and public law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty receives a $25,000 life insurance benefit, in addition to his dependents being eligible for college tuition scholarships. Millions of dollars have gone to the grieving families of some of the country’s most courageous officers. Dependents of retired and active police who are NRA members are also eligible for tuition assistance. In 1993, NRA began recognizing an Officer of the Year who exhibits “exceptional valor, public service, and dedication to the principles of our Constitutional heritage.” And the award is not given lightly. The 2005 Officer of the Year was awarded to NRA member and Officer James D. Niggemeyer of the Columbus, Ohio, Division of Police. On Dec. 8, 2004, a band was playing at a nightclub in Columbus when an armed and obsessed paranoid schizophrenic stormed the stage and began opening fire. Panicked nightclub patrons flooded the police switchboard with reports of an armed madman unloading round after round into musicians, employees and fans. Niggemeyer was patrolling nearby and entered a back door within three minutes of the first call. He maneuvered to the stage to get a clear view of the attacker, only to find the lunatic 20 ft. away with a Exp. date: ____ / ____ Security Code __ __ __ RM10 Credit Card customers can order by phone (859) 491-6400 10am-5pm EST M-F or FAX (859) 491-5400 (24 hours–7days a week) hostage in a headlock, pressing a handgun to the man’s temple. With no other option, Niggemeyer waited for his moment of opportunity, and in a professional display of precision, shot the man in the face with a 12-ga. Remington 870. At his death, the assailant still had 35 rounds of ammunition. Today LED has trained more than 50,000 instructors, with about 2,000 new instructors trained each year as the program continues to expand. With such a multitude of applicants, instructor classes are dispersed throughout the country and are held on a regular basis. Classes today include Handgun, Handgun/Shotgun, Tactical Shooting (pistol/long gun), Tactical Shotgun, Patrol Rifle, Select-Fire, and Precision (Scoped) Rifle Instructor. LED maintains one of only a few nationally recognized firearm training classes as confirmed by a number of court decisions. Some states, such as Pennsylvania, have officially recognized the NRA as an acceptable standard, as have the military and agencies such as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. NRA’s LED has been to Afghanistan, Japan and other countries to help train our military. In fact, just before the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, a major in the Marine Corps came to LED to train his troops because he knew that today’s wars are different from past wars. Nowadays, our troops are heavily involved in urban warfare and must focus more on protecting the innocent as well as eliminating the enemy, just as our police officers do on a daily basis here in the United States—and the major knew that LED has been hosting this type of training for a long time. “Who better to train us than the NRA?” he asked. A few years ago LED added a new breed of competitions to its standard PPC. The Tactical Police Competition (TPC) is essentially a 3-gun-type match consisting of From MP5s in the 1980s (l.) to AR-15s today (above, r.), the tools and tactics of LED training and competition continue to evolve. ay 92 M 2010 Photo by NRA Staff http://WWW.AMERICANRIFLEMAN.ORG

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American Rifleman - May 2010
Editor’s Letter
Armed Citizen
Standing Guard
President’s Column
One On One With Ted Nugent
Readers Write
News, Notes and Ephemera
Questions & Answers
American Marksman: A First-Timer’s Guide To 3-Gunning
Bushmaster ACR: A Transformative Firearm
Coming To America: Para USA Goes Beyond Innovation
The 2010 Golden Bullseye Awards
Magnum Maximization: Ruger’s Extra-Capacity .327 Revolvers
NRA LED: A Half Century Of Service
Annual Meetings
Dope Bag: Data & Comment
Political Report
ILA Report
Regional Report/Member Info & Benefits
I Have This Old Gun

American Rifleman - May 2010