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Official JOurnal inside nra ILA report: Latest legislative news from inside the NRA Institute for Legislative Action State Gun Laws Take Effect In National Parks O n Feb. 22, a new law took effect that applied state firearm laws to national parks and wildlife refuges across America. The implementation of the new law, which the National Park Service (NPS) has planned for since its passage last May, has so far been without major problems. NPS management reports that it has worked with the 493 individual parks, promoting a consistent message on several key points: • Under the new law, every park is subject to all the firearm laws of the state (or states) where the park is located. • Park visitors must know and obey state laws. This includes knowing which state laws apply in parks (such as Yellowstone) that cross state boundaries. (For information on state laws, go to gunlaws.) • The new law affects firearm possession, not use. Laws on hunting, poaching, target shooting or any unlawful discharge have not changed. • It will still be illegal to carry in certain locations, under a separate law that prohibits possession of any firearm in a “federal facility.” This last point—and especially the definition of “federal facility”—may cause the most confusion for visitors. The NPS has indicated that, according to its broad interpretation, the law prohibits firearms not only in buildings (such as visitor centers, ranger stations and administrative offices) but also in other areas that are regularly staffed by federal employees (such as developed caves and gated outdoor performance areas). However, NPS officials stress that all prohibited locations will be marked with signs. The ban on carry in “federal facilities” does not apply to buildings that are located in parks, but not staffed by the federal government—such as many restaurants, lodges and gift shops. However, private operators of those places are free to make their own rules, subject to state law. Needless to say, anti-gun activists and the media have red-lined their hysteria meters, with one newspaper claiming that “there assuredly will be more gun violence” in parks, and another suggesting that park visitors “might want to toss a Kevlar vest into the SUV.” And the Brady Campaign is still looking for ways to use the courts to reverse the new law. Of course, these media nightmares are unlikely to come true, and the NRAILA will fight any effort to reverse this Photo Courtesy of the National Park Service hard-won victory. As always, be sure to read this column for any new developments—and for the latest updates, go to for links to firearm policies for national parks across the country. IN MEMORY NRA-ILA CONTRIBUTIONS (January 12, 2010-February 28, 2010) Marshall D. Jones Sr., Redding, CA (from: Robert Tornai); Jerry & Iris Pfister, Great Bend, KS (from: Norman Detrich); George Alves, New Castle, DE (from: Ethel Ann Alves); Carl Jefferson, Lake Panasoffkee, FL (from: Edna Jefferson); Robert Angell, Rogers, AR (from: Patsy Angell); Robert Morgan, Perry, MI (from: Maxine Morgan); Jesse E. Mundine, Arvada, CO (from: Thomas and Susan Sexton); Richard Hartman, Fairfield, IA (from: Dianne Palmer); James Doganieri (from: Donna DeFazio); Rodney Mongold (from: Elizabeth Mongold); Frederick Bowen (from: Cayuga Medical Center at Ithaca); Angela Catania (from: the Predmore and Colosimo Families); Jimmie G. Quillin (from: Pines Gun Club); William Albert (from: Waldwick Pistol & Rifle Club, Inc.) ILA CONTRIBUTIONS (The following contributed $1,000 or more to the NRA Institute for Legislative Action during January 1-31, 2010.) Victor Tate, Bozeman, MT; Darrell Aulds, Hilton Head Island, SC; James Thorne, Tonganoxie, KS; David Bush, Big Prairie, TX; John Sneidmiller, Niland, CA; Patrick Frink, Sacramento, CA; Gretchen Brooks, Vancouver, WA; Horton Spitzer, Wilson, WY; Joe Wanenmacher, Tulsa, OK; Ancil Lindley, Crestview, FL; Hollace Chastain, Fort Wayne, IN; Stephan Ronan, Williamsville, NY; Coxsackie Sportsmen’s Club, Coxsackie, NY; Edison Sportsmen’s Club, Edison, WA; Paul Bunyan Rifle & Sportsmen’s Club, Inc., Puyallup, WA; Brownells, Inc., Montezuma, IA; Tactical Rifles, Inc., Orlando, FL; Mid-America Fittings, Inc., Overland Park, KS; Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs, Inc., White House Station, NJ; Umarex USA, Inc., Fort Smith, AR NR A- I L A : (8 00 ) 39 2- 8683 • NR A- I L A web s i te: w w w. nr aila. org 84 M ay 2010 www.aMericanrifleMan.Org http://WWW.AMERICANRIFLEMAN.ORG

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