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OFFICIAL JOURNAL SPECIAL REPORT president’s column By Ronald L. Schmeits, President You Are Freedom’s Last Defense— So Vote Freedom First! W e’re down to the wire. Election Day is here. Your vote—or your failure to vote—on Tuesday, Nov. 2, could determine the di erence between survival and surrender for our most fundamental freedoms. Because if the political elites who are attacking your freedom right now are not stopped on Election Day, you can bet they’ll intensify and accelerate their attacks with a ferocity we’ve never witnessed in this country. After all, look at how far they’ve gone already! Can you imagine how the Founding Fathers and framers of our Constitution would react to what the political class in Washington has done over the past two years? Every principle the U.S.A. was built upon—individual freedom, personal rights, a Constitution that delegates enumerated, limited powers to the government, even the very idea of leaders elected to represent the people—is being abandoned, if not abolished. This isn’t about partisan politics or “Republican versus Democrat” or “liberal versus conservative.” It’s about your fundamental freedoms. Think about it. In every instance, the drastic changes instituted by the ruling class in Washington constitute direct attacks on your freedoms and the freedoms of future generations. By passing laws they don’t understand and often don’t even read—and assigning unelected, politically appointed bureaucrats to decipher and de ne those laws—the ruling class in Washington is almost guaranteeing those laws will be abused and misapplied for political gain. That endangers your freedoms. By refusing to enforce their own federal laws to secure our borders so they can play cynical political games, they’re holding the American people hostage to the organized Mexican drugcartel violence that’s leaving a trail of bloodshed in U.S. cities nationwide. And they’re blaming our Second Amendment rights for the violence. That endangers your freedoms. By meddling with every aspect of Americans’ lives—and building enormous new regulatory bureaucracies to exert control from Washington—they’re steadily reducing your options and taking away your right to make your own decisions in life. That endangers your freedoms. And when they support Supreme Court nominees who say they support your Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms—but do just the opposite when it counts—they endanger the one right that secures every other right we enjoy as Americans. That endangers your freedoms. And if you think your guns and your right to own them are safe, you could be in for a rude wake-up call on the morning after Election Day. Because we know where they stand on your Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Firearm freedom, and all it represents, is diametrically opposed to everything they believe and want to do. Think about it. The political class in Washington today wants to make you dependent upon them. They want to be the sole source, or controlling authority, over every aspect of your life. They want you to be beholden to them—so that you’ll vote them back into o ce for fear of losing their supposed “benevolence.” And everything a rearm represents— independence, self-su ciency, personal security, even the notion of a free and armed society—goes against everything they want to impose on this country. You can bet that if they’re not stopped on Election Day, the political elites in Washington will come for your rearms and your freedom to own them next. That’s just one more reason why it’s so important that you send them a message on Election Day that they cannot ignore. Because as they’ve shown us over the past two years, they’re more than happy to ignore, defy, demonize and insult any American who questions what they do. If you oppose their attacks on American freedoms, they’ll try to smear you as a reactionary or traitor. If you dare to buy a rearm at your local gun show, they’ll try to label you as a terrorist or criminal. If you question their refusal to secure the Mexican border to keep drug-cartel killers and suspected terrorists out of the U.S., they’ll accuse you of being an antiimmigrant racist bigot. If you dare to oppose them on any issue, they’ll lecture you, scold you and ridicule you with sneering contempt. As far as they’re concerned, you’d better just sit down, shut up, leave the ruling to the ruling class, and worry about paying your taxes on time. Voting is the only way we can stop them. It’s our only way to force them to listen to what we, the people, want. Voting isn’t just your right. Voting is your duty. So do your duty to defend the same freedoms that generations of Americans have risked and given their very lives to uphold—by going to the polls to Vote Freedom First on Election Day. For news about legislation and your NRA, visit:, and 14 N OVEMBER 2010 WWW.AMERICANRIFLEMAN.ORG http://WWW.AMERICANRIFLEMAN.ORG

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