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TECHNICAL QUESTIONS & ANSWERS Q S&W I-Frame Revolver Enclosed are photographs of my 2˝-barreled Smith & Wesson .38 Spl. I can’t nd a model number on the gun. The serial number on the butt is 412XX. There is another number on the frame, which is 16404, but I am not sure what this number means. The bluing is excellent. The typical ring around the cylinder is slight, indicating little ring. I would like to know as much as possible about this gun. From the photos and description you provided, it would appear that your S&W revolver is an example of an early variety of the .38 Chiefs Special. Most of us consider the small, ve-shot .38 Spl. S&Ws as always having been built on the J-frame; however, that was not always the case. Prior to World War II, the small I-frame was used to build .22, .32, and .38 S&W revolvers. After the war, S&W wished to add the .38 Spl. to the list, but the I-frame was inadequate in size to accommodate it. Making the frame longer and taller and substituting a coil mainspring for the original at spring resulted in what was called the Improved I-frame. From 1950 to 1952, when the J-frame with the longer, egg- A shaped trigger guard and ramped front sight became standard, this was the standard frame for all small-frame S&Ws. Value is determined by a willing buyer and a willing seller, and we do not give estimates as a matter of policy, but referring to Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson, 3rd Ed., by Jim Supica and Rick Nahas, “Earliest guns with a half moon front sight and small trigger guard may bring three to four times standard values.” —JOHN TREAKLE Member photo N EW d an ak. ot re sp or b um ut tim n o op bur f t s o n’ en t wo lum tha 0 16 ation ® s ith n -1 D w illumi R TL 4® LEheral C rip pe th i W E) ) OB TR ((S N New models TLR-1®s and TLR-2®s provide brighter light and strobe when you need it. EW -1s LR e T ng. th i as im es e a tur urat fea c at r ac gre ht fo ®s 2 e g R- sam r si TL ll the lase A th a wi th i W ((S TR )) BE O ® 30 Eagleville Road, Eagleville, PA 19403 • 800.523.7488 • z. 2o e 2.3 on th . nly t ze s o ligh ll si igh any o fu t we n et tha pact t, y s ® gh gun -com le. 3 ri d R- ly b an sub lab TL tense ore hfrom avai In ts m t – els Fi arke od m Pm US 34 N OVEMBER 2010 WWW.AMERICANRIFLEMAN.ORG 10-SML-043 TLR Ad AR.indd 1 7/29/10 9:03 AM ©2010 Streamlight, Inc. http://WWW.AMERICANRIFLEMAN.ORG

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American Rifleman - November 2010
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American Rifleman - November 2010