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FEATURE // 3 P 3 In the first of a three-part series, National Rifle Coach Trainer Marcus Raab takes us through a virtual coaching session for each of the three positions used in Air and Smallbore Rifle competition. -POSITION BY THE NUMBERS PART I, STANDING By Marcus Raab, NRA National Rifle Coach Trainer Photos by Alex Sutherland Editors Note: For authentic coaching critiques, some photos in this series depict the muzzle pointing either near the reader or toward the shooter in an adjacent frame. All photos were posed in a studio with an unloaded airgun. 16 SSUSA NOVEMBER 2010

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Shooting Sports USA - November 2010
Meet Your NRA Competitive Shooting Division
Shooter’s News
NRA Online Registration Process Goes Live
Range Bag
Book Review
Score Sheet
3-Position By The Numbers, Part 1
Silhouette Target Shooting
A Page From History
Coming Events
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Shooting Sports USA - November 2010