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FEATURE // SILHOUETTE SILHOUETTE TARGET NRA FILE PHOTOS “Fun targets fall down, break or bleed.” —Leigh Wilcox SHOOTING By Jock Elliott I t’s a typical “guy” story—the kind that ought to be true even if it isn’t. It’s alleged that the sport of silhouette shooting originally started with Poncho Villa’s men. Picture the scene: A few guys sitting around the campfire eyeballing the countryside. After a while, one of them says, “Hey, Juan, I bet you can’t hit that turkey waaaaay out there.” To which Juan says something like, “No problem, muchacho. Watch and learn.” After he takes aim, pulls the trigger and drops the target, Juan then challenges the first hombre to hit a target of his selection. Pretty soon this business of popping animals at long range evolves into a regular competition involving shooting at targets that would become post-match barbeque. What happened next is a matter of some debate. Some say that shooting at live animals produced too many arguments about who hit what: “You missed that pig.” “No I didn’t; he’ll fall down in a minute.” My theory is that as accuracy improved, the camp cook got fed up and politely suggested that the shooters find targets that didn’t need cleaning. In any event, the first silhouette match that used steel targets instead of livestock was held in Mexico City in 1948. Twenty years later, the Tucson Rifle Club introduced silhouette shooting into the U.S. and in 1973, the NRA recognized silhouette as an official shooting discipline. The first national championships were held in November of that year. Silhouette has remained basically the same ever since. Competitors shoot at four rows of 10 metallic silhouettes at increasing distances: Chickens first, then pigs, next turkeys and finally rams— 40 targets in all. You get a point for each silhouette you 22 SSUSA NOVEMBER 2010

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Shooting Sports USA - November 2010
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Shooting Sports USA - November 2010