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COMING EVENTS LEGEND A: NRA Approved Tournament 1800: 1800-pt. match 2700: 2700-pt. match 3200: 3200-pt. match 6400: 6400-pt. match 3P: 3-Position 4P: 4-Position AIR: Air Pistol AP: Action Pistol BP: Blackpowder BPS: Blackpowder Scope CFP: Center-Fire Pistol CLA: Cowboy Lever Action CON: Conventional CC: Creedmoor Cup DR: Distinguished Revolver FC: F-Class FRP: Free Pistol FBP: Fullbore Prone R: NRA Registered Tournament HPR: High Power HPHR: High Power Hunting Rifle HPS: High Power Sporting Rifle HP: Hunter’s Pistol IN: Indoor IND: Individual INSER: Interservice INV: Invitational ISO: Iron Sight Only JR: Junior LM: Leg Match LR: Long Range LTR: Light Rifle MET: Meters MR: Midrange MRP: Midrange Prone MS: Metallic Sights OAR: Open Air Rifle OF: Offhand OP: Open ORF: Open Rim-Fire OS: Open Sights OUT: Outdoor PAL: Palma PC: Pistol Cartridge PI: Pistol POS: Position POST: Postal PPC: Police Pistol Combat PRE: Precision PRN: Prone PRO: Production PRF: Production Rim-Fire RF: Rimfire RFP: Rapid-Fire Pistol SAR: Sporter Air Rifle SBHP: Smallbore Hunter’s Pistol SBHR: Smallbore Hunting Rifle SBR: Smallbore Rifle SC: Short Course SO: Scope Only SCR: Smallbore Cowboy Rifle SER: Service SP: Service Pistol SPI: Sport Pistol SPT: Sporter SR: Service Rifle STA: Standing STD: Standard STK: Stock Gun TAR: Target TM: Team USTA: Unlimited Standing WSP: Women’s Sport Pistol YD: Yards NRA SANCTIONED TOURNAMENTS Listed here are tournaments sanctioned as of Aug. 15, 2010. In order to be listed, NRA must sanction matches by the 15th of the month, three months prior to the month of the magazine issue. If you are interested in entering a tournament, contact the individual listed. If there are any additions, changes or cancellations for “Coming Events,” contact Shelly Kramer at (703) 267-1459;; or Tonia Forte at (703) 267-1466; NATIONAL RIFLE & PISTOL CHAMPIONSHIPS CAMP PERRY, OH JUL. 12-AUG. 17, 2011 NRA BIANCHI CUP— NATIONAL ACTION PISTOL CHAMPIONSHIP COLUMBIA, MO MAY 25-28, 2011 The NRA Bianchi Cup is one of the most prestigious handgun tournaments in the industry. Competitors from all over the world come to Columbia, MO, to compete in this annual event. If you are interested in attending or competing in the 2011 NRA Bianchi Cup, please call (800) 672-3888 ext. 1478; e-mail; or write to: NRA Competitive Shooting Division, Attn: NRA Bianchi Cup, 11250 Waples Mill Rd., Fairfax, VA 22030. Please include your full mailing address. Online registration will be available at nm_actionshooting.asp. PROPOSED SCHEDULE Jul. 12 Pistol Practice Distinguished Revolver Pistol Match Harry Reeves Revolver Match Jul. 14-16 Pistol Matches Jul. 21-23 Smallbore 3-Position Championship Jul. 26 Whistler Boy Smallbore Rifle Match Jul. 24-28 Smallbore Prone Championship Aug. 7 Whistler Boy High Power Rifle Match Aug. 7 NRA/Springfield Armory M1A Match Aug. 7 2nd Amendment Team Match Aug. 8 NRA High Power Rifle Team Matches Aug. 9-12 High Power Rifle Championship Aug. 13-16 High Power Long Range Championship Aug. 17 NRA Palma Team Course Match Online Registration will be available at, click the “2011 Camp Perry Online Entry” link. Entry forms and programs are available on the NRA Competitive Shooting website or will be mailed to competitors. To request an entry form and program either: (A) Call (877) 672-6282 and press “1”; (B) Submit a written request indicating your desired phase (pistol, smallbore or high power rifle) via e-mail to; or (C) Submit a written request indicating your desired phase to: NRA Competitive Shooting Division, Attn: National Matches Request, 11250 Waples Mill Rd., Fairfax, VA 22030. CIVILIAN MARKSMANSHIP PROGRAM TROPHY MATCHES CAMP PERRY, OH JUL. 10-AUG. 6, 2011 Jul. 10-11 Small Arms Firing School—Pistol Jul. 17 CMP Pistol President’s Match NTI Pistol Match NTT Pistol Match CMP Awards Jul. 30-31 Small Arms Firing School—Rifle Aug. 1 CMP President’s Rifle Match Aug. 2 CMP NTI Rifle Match Aug. 3 CMP Hearst Doubles Rifle Team Match CMP National Trophy Junior Team Match USMC NTIT Clinic Aug. 4 CMP NTT Rifle Match CMP Carbine Match SHOOTINGSPORTSUSA.COM 27 http://www.SHOOTINGSPORTSUSA.COM

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Shooting Sports USA - November 2010