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FEATURE // MEET COMP STAFF Meet Your NRA Competitive Shooting Division By NRA Staff, Photos by Lloyd Hill There are 26 people in the NRA Competitive Shooting Division and each contributes to the Division’s overall task of sanctioning 11,000+ local matches, maintaining nearly 120,000 shooter classifications and conducting 50 National Championships each year. We hope you enjoy “meeting them” through this mini-series. National Smallbore and Air Rifle Department Members: (l. to r.) H.Q. Moody, National Rifle Manager; Lois Wenzell, Program Specialist; Dian Bullock, Program Coordinator of Postal and Sectional Tournaments; Jessi McClain, Air Gun and Muzzle Loading Program Coordinator What We Do: The Rifle Department is the largest department in the Competitive Shooting Division, comprised of Air Rifle, Smallbore Rifle and Muzzle Loading sections. We also administer 19 National Championships and the NRA’s Postal program. Jessi McClain administers all NRA Air Gun programs to include National Championships and coordinates the annual Daisy BB Gun Championship. She also functions as the NRA Match Director for the NRA National Muzzle Loading Championship and is the NRA contact for the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association. Dian Bullock manages the NRA Indoor National Sectional Championships for Smallbore and Air Rifle, as well as 1,200 NRA Postal matches annually. H.Q. Moody manages all Rifle Department programs and serves as Match Director for several National Championships including the National Smallbore Championships at Camp Perry, OH, and Bristol, IN. Contact Information: Please contact us via e-mail at; Jessi at (703) 267-1477; Dian at (703) 267-1482; or Lois at (703) 267-1456. Stop by to say hello if you are at any of the above tournaments. High Power Rifle Department Members: Trey Tuggle, Program Coordinator and Jan Raab, National Manager What We Do: Our department manages all High Power Rifle programs, including High Power, Midrange, Long-Range, International Fullbore, F-Class and 3-Gun competitions. All NRA high power tournament applications, over 2500 each year, are reviewed by our department. We are responsible for getting the required paperwork and award packages to each of the regional match tournament sponsors. We are also responsible for the Palma Team, Veterans Team and the international rifle programs. The High Power Rifle Manager acts as the Match Director for the National High Power Rifle Championships at Camp Perry each summer. Tuggle is building relationships with 3- or Multi-Gun event staff, as well as helping to build new types of tactical style rifle matches, suitable to be run on local ranges. Contact Information: For information on High Power, contact Jan at (703) 267-1479; and for 3-Gun tournaments, contact Trey at (703) 267-1487; or by e-mail to Please look us up the next time you’re at one of our national matches. For the entire Competitive Shooting Division directory, see SHOOTINGSPORTSUSA.COM 3 http://www.SHOOTINGSPORTSUSA.COM

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Shooting Sports USA - November 2010
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Shooting Sports USA - November 2010