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RANGE BAG Traveling with firearms may take a little extra preparation, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. A little research ahead of time will save you delays and costly headaches on the way to the tournament. The Rules The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires that you declare all firearms at the airport ticket counter during check-in (rather than at a curb counter) and that the firearm be unloaded and locked in a hard-sided container. TSA allows ammunition in the same container as your gun; some airlines do not. Consequently, your planning should include a review of the TSA restrictions for “special items,” your airline and even the terminal’s policies. See related website of the month story on page 7. AMTRAK currently allows firearms only in checkedbaggage cars. By December 2010, they are scheduled to release new policies concerning a firearms carriage service. Greyhound Bus’s U.S. policy states that neither firearms nor ammunition are allowed as checked baggage: greyhound_prohibited_items_list.pdf, whereas the Canadian Greyhound website, dated 2008, allows both: baggage.shtml. Call beforehand to verify. CASES GunCruzer Universal 6-Pack Stores up to six handguns and 12 magazines. The crush-proof case comes with cushioned grips, reinforced padlock protectors, is watertight and dust proof. Measures 20.69 x 17.18 x 8.56 inches. Comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. (800) 440-9925; “Bullet Proof” Pistol Cases Updated Cabela’s cases have 45-degree, heliarc-welded corners and use marine-grade aluminum with full-length hinges, a stainless steel locking rod system and a weather seal. Sized at 18 x 10 x 4 ½ inches, the Bullet Proof Pistol Case meets airline requirements. (800) 237-4444; The Franzen ArmLoc II Pistol Case. A double locking system, personalized combination lock and a high-intensity nightlight are built in. Its “one touch” feature provides quick access in the home or hotel room. Meets FAA requirements for commercial airline travel and includes wall and bed frame mounts. (800) 405-2298; SHOOTINGSPORTSUSA.COM 9 http://www.SHOOTINGSPORTSUSA.COM

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Shooting Sports USA - November 2010
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NRA Online Registration Process Goes Live
Range Bag
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3-Position By The Numbers, Part 1
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Shooting Sports USA - November 2010