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SCORE SHEET Inaugural Semi-Auto Military Rifle Silhouette Ridgway Rifle Club Ridgway, PA Jun. 6, 2010 Submitted by Pete Kofir, Jr. 22 Competitors Iowa 300-Yard Service Rifle Championship River City Rifle & Pistol Club Mason City, IA Jun. 6, 2010 Submitted by Steve Hays 16 Competitors For the match’s first year, competitors were met with a stiff wind at the firing line. The top three were decided by X count. Michael Anderson of Clive, IA, came in first with a fine 771-23X. John Wilson was 1X behind with Bill Besgrove third only 3Xs back. Lennis Berkland was first high master, John Breuklander was first master. Winner 2nd 3rd 1st HM 1st M 1st MM (l. to r.) Front row: Mark Holsopple, John Heeter and Mike Crubbs. Middle row: Brian Wakefield, Bob Jodoin, Randy Ent, Jon Petersen and Al Foust. Back row: Al Keller and Bill Taylor. Michael Anderson John Wilson Bill Besgrove Lennis Berkland John Breuklander Todd Cash Roger Howland Clive, IA Winterset, IA North Liberty, IA Polk City, IA Forest City, IA Mason City, IA Fort Dodge, IA 771-23X 771-22X 771-20X 767-30X 762-25X 687-5X 756-15X High Sr. History was made on Jun. 6, 2010, when match director Randy Ent held the first ever Pennsylvania Championship for Semi-Auto Military Rifle Silhouette. Ent has worked for two years to generate interest in this shooting class by holding local matches at the Ridgway Rifle Club in Ridgway, PA. These local matches have drawn 20 to 25 shooters per competition with competitors using M1 and M1A service grade rifles with open sights to knock down highpower silhouette targets at up to 500 meters. Winner 2nd 3rd 1st AA 1st A 2nd A 3rd A John Heeter Emlenton, PA Brian Wakefield Mt. Jewett, PA Jon Petersen Warren, PA Randy Ent Russell, PA Mark Holsopple Wilcox, PA Al Foust Montoursville, PA Al Keller Syracuse, NY 30/80 26/80 25/80 23/80 25/80 24/80 20/80 Oklahoma NRA Revolver Pistol Championship The Bullseye Pistol Division of the Oklahoma City Gun Club Arcadia, OK Jun. 19, 2010 Submitted by John Milligan 9 Competitors After the Oklahoma Outdoor Service Pistol Championship, competitors came to the firing line Saturday afternoon to compete in the Outdoor NRA Revolver Pistol Championship. This was a 90-round aggregate match of 20 rounds slow fire at 50 yards, a 30-round National Match Course, a 20-round timed fire match at 25 yards and a 20-round rapid fire match at 25 yards. A 30-round NRA Distinguished Revolver Match was also held in conjunction with this championship event. With wins in the slow fire, National Match Course and timed fire matches, Richard Chadwick of Davis, OK, shot an aggregate score of 806-18X to win the Oklahoma Rifle Association Championship trophy and theHigh Oklahoma Resident trohpy plaque. In the NRA Distinguished Revolver Match, Darrell Brooks, Jr., shot a score of 279-10X for the first place blue ribbon and a revolver pin. His performace earned him 6 points toward the NRA Distinguished Revolver Badge. 12 SSUSA JANUARY 2011

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