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CoMpEtitoR'S CoRNER By Mike krei Director, NRA Competitive Shooting Division I have not had a chance to write this column for a few months as we introduced you to the staff of the Competitive Shooting Division. I would like to take this opportunity to share some of the exciting new procedures and programs that you will see in 2011. On Dec. 1, 2010, we went live with the new online NRA Tournament Sanctioning website. It is very encouraging that many of our match sponsors have already used the new system and we are getting great reviews. It is our hope that the majority of your tournaments will be sent to us using the new user friendly system. Please visit to see the new site and sanction your next match. We are working on a new tactical match to be held at Camp Perry this summer, called the “National Defense Match.” Trey Tuggle, Tactical Rifle Program Coordinator, has designed this match for AR platform firearms using any sights. The match will be fired at distances from 7 to 500 yards. This will be the first match of its type to be fired on electronic targets. We are working with Sius Ascor to have 4X4-foot electronic targets available at Camp Perry this summer. The NRA would like to see this match adopted by local clubs with the goal of bringing in new shooters to our sport. After five years of writing and testing, we will launch the new NRA Club Champion Challenge during the first quarter of 2011. We are finalizing the new website that will have the ability to sanction your Club Champion Challenge and also accept the results and tournament fees. The NRA will supply awards for the Champion, second and third place, High Woman, High Junior and High Senior to all clubs and organizations that sanction an event. This will be a fun event for your club members and one that will be easy for clubs to hold. Keep watching Shooting Sports USA for more details. Three Competitive Shooting Division staff members will be at the SHOT Show later this month to visit with sponsors, manufacturers and allied organizations. If you are interested in hearing more about our new programs or information on how to become involved with sponsoring any of NRA’s competitive shooting events, give Woody Arenas a call and make arrangement to meet up with him. Woody can be reached in the office at (703) 267-1469 or by cell phone at (703) 463-1403. Have a great shooting season and we will see you on the range. Competitive Shooting: Exercising our Second Amendment Rights NRApubliCAtioNS.oRg/SSuSA 3 http://www.NRAPUBLICATIONS.ORG/SSUSA http://www.NRAPUBLICATIONS.ORG/SSUSA

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Shooting Sports USA - January 2011