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ON THE COVER SPORTS VOL. 24, NO. 1, JANUARY 2011 A Publication of the National Rifle Association of America Wayne R. LaPierre Executive Vice President The NRA, the foremost guardian of the traditional American right to “keep and bear arms,” believes every law-abiding citizen is entitled to the ownership and legal use of firearms, and that every reputable gun owner should be an NRA member. As part of the feature story on Match versus Service rifles, pictured above are David Tubb’s newest T2K match gun above an ArmaLite Match Grade service AR-15. Photo by Lloyd Hill CONTENTS // FEATURES 14 Black Hills Ammunition In the shadow of Mount Rushmore, this South Dakota company continues to capitalize on their well-earned reputation for accurate and reliable ammunition. Maureen takes us behind the scenes to learn how it all started. By Maureen Hammerquist 16 Nancy Tompkins Interview As a bell-bottom clad teenager in the 1970s, Nancy began shooting with a .22 cal. rifle at her father’s knee. Art shares a rare interview with world champion Nancy Tompkins and her insights into the sport where giving back is her biggest trophy. By Art Merrill 4 SSUSA JANUARY 2011 16 Nancy Tompkins Interview

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Shooting Sports USA - January 2011
Competitors’ Corner
Shooter’s News
Range Bag
Score Sheet
Black Hills Ammunition
Nancy Tompkins Interview
NRA Headquarters Shooters
Match Versus Service Rifle
A Page From History
Coming Events
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Shooting Sports USA - January 2011