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2012 FEATURE // OLYMPICS BY NRA STAFF AND CONTRIBUTORS PHOTOS COURTESY OF USA SHOOTING Having medaled during the preparatory World ISSF matches just prior to the Olympics, Kim Rhode is poised to earn an unprecedented fifth Olympic individual medal in her fifth Olympics. SUMMER OLYMPICS PART III xxxx In this final installment, our subject matter experts share insights on International Pistol and Shotgun competition. sighters and 40 shots for record, fired one-handed from a standing, unsupported position on a target with an 11.5mm (.45”) 10-ring. Women’s 25m Sport Pistol: Devised as a women’s event in the 1960s but not added to the Olympics until 1984, Women’s 25m Sport Pistol is performed with a .22-caliber handgun firing Long Rifle cartridges in two stages of 30 rounds each. Each stage is subdivided into six series of five shots. The first round is called Precision where shooters are required to fire five shots within a time limit of five minutes on a target with a 50mm (1.96”) 10-ring. Following the Precision stage, shooters move on to the Rapid Fire stage where six series of five shots each will occur on command. During each series of five shots, the target is faced away from the competitor (or in the case of electronic targets, a red light will appear) for seven seconds and face the shooter for three seconds for five shots. Rapid Fire targets have a 100mm (3.93”) 10-ring. International Pistol: Tes Salb, Marketing and Communications Manager at FNH USA and former Managing Editor, Shooting Sports USA Pistol events in the Olympic Games date back to 1896 when the Queen of Greece squeezed the trigger to mark the first shot for record, introducing shooting as one of nine events held at the first modern Olympic Games in Athens. The current Olympic pistol program includes the following events: 14 SSUSA JULY 2012 Women’s 10m Air Pistol: Introduced to the Olympics in 1988, Women’s 10m Air Pistol is shot with an open sight, .177-caliber air pistol. Shooters have 75 minutes to complete The Feinwerkbau P11 ambidextrous airgun is typical of pistols used in International style competition.

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Shooting Sports USA - July 2012
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Shooting Sports USA - July 2012