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FEATURE // AWARD POINTS NRA AwARd PoiNTs FRom SILveR To PLASTIC By CHIP LoHmAN, mANAGING edIToR H aving accumulated a few NRA Award Coupons (popularly called “points”) from civilian matches fired at Camp Perry, I looked a little further into the program in hopes of producing a short story for Shooting Sports USA. Like searching through grandma’s attic, each new turn produced another interesting discovery. Where annual military requalification is recognized with marksmanship badges, and military competition uses the distinguished program (see Going Distinguished), local civilian competitive shooting matches have traditionally rewarded high achievement with trophies and awards. From the NRA Accounting Procedures and Guidelines manual: “The NRA Award Point Program was established to assist clubs and organizations which sponsor competitive shooting programs and to provide additional incentive [for] competitive shooters.” 16 SSUSA JULY 2013 The current paper-based NRA award coupon process begins at the desk of a tournament sponsor during the planned selection of awards, plaques and medals. each tournament sponsor (including NRA discipline managers responsible for national championships) may purchase NRA coupons in advance, either for presentation during awards ceremonies or to include in subsequent mailings. The requisition form for NRA award coupons can be found here. Coupons can be ordered from the NRA Finance office in the following denominations: 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 and 20 at a cost of $1.00 per point. As an example, a tournament sponsor may reward the top shooter in a given classification with a medal and 20 “points,” and give a one-point coupon to all match participants. As explained on the coupon, points can be redeemed for items, towards NRA membership dues, at participating stores on Camp Perry’s “Commercial Row” and even donated back to NRA. Coupons may not be redeemed for cash. But coupons weren’t always the incentive used to encourage new folks to join in on the fun of competitive shooting. Up until the 1970s, NRA administered the “silver program” for distinctive awards. From the Sterling Silver and Pewter Selections catalog (blue book on page 18), tournament sponsors could order silver and pewter at substantial discounts from the NRA as incentives for competitive shooters. The 1966 printing of the “silver catalog” reads as follows: "The items listed in this catalog are available, at the NRA prices listed, to NRA affiliated organizations and sponsors of NRA-sanctioned competitions when used as awards. Prices listed include engraving an NRA monogram in the appropriate size."

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Shooting Sports USA - July 2013