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COMPETITOR'S CORNER By Dennis willing Director, NRA Competitive Shooting Division As we move forward with the shooting sports for future years, we have found it necessary to move the Smallbore National Championships out of Camp Perry for 2014 and 2015 to accommodate the needs of the World Target Rifle (Palma) Championships. (See H.Q. Moody’s story on page 10.) This has raised some concern in the smallbore community and it was recently recommended to me by LTC Boyd Goldsby, USA retired, that I share with you the reasons for doing so. Here is a short synopsis of how this came about. When trying to schedule the World Palma Championships, the first thing we did was to add it to the end of the National Matches. However, this interfered with the schedule for the Canadian National Championships. When discussing this with representatives of Canada and the International Confederation of Fullbore Rifle Associations (ICFRA is the national governing body for Palma rifle championships), we learned that the Canadians also shoot on a military range and that their dates could not be changed, due to both military and non-military commitments. This was the first and the preferred option to host these events, but it was not to be. We needed a date earlier in the Camp Perry shooting calendar to accommodate the addition of the World Palma Championships. The next thought was to move Smallbore to the end of the National Matches. With participation in this sport consisting of 75 to 80 percent juniors, this option would deny them an opportunity to shoot in the National Championships because of their school commitments. We also looked at moving the Pistol matches, but there isn’t another facility that we are aware of that can handle 400 targets. The enormous shipping costs of relocating that equipment was also considered. That brought us back full circle to smallbore. Fortunately, we have two years of experience hosting the Smallbore Metric National Championships in Bristol, IN. After a study to determine if the Bristol facility and surrounding community could support the Nationals, the Smallbore Rifle National Manager prepared a proposed firing schedule and demonstrated that three relays could be accommodated. Although not ideal, it could be done. The NRA Senior Marketing Coordinator has joined the Elkhart, IN, Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau. The three entities are now working together to support the 2014 World Palma Championships. Many hotels have already offered reduced rates. We have studied this extensively and learned that we will be able to provide the smallbore community a terrific championship, while also serving as host to the international community. My goal is to make these championships so nice, that smallbore shooters may lament returning to Camp Perry in 2016. Competitive shooting: Exercising Our Second Amendment Rights 4 SSUSA JULY 2013

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