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PRODUCT FOCUS By ChiP LOhman, managing eDiTOR // PhOTOS By PeTeR FOUnTain The MISO Lens - Part I Picking uP where we left off in our november, 2011 Review of iron sight lens inserts, here is the latest solution to helP keeP you in the game. The Rules: Service rifle rules governing rear sight inserts begin with NRA rule 3.1, which allows a hooded rear sight. Rule 3.7 allows that metallic sights may include a corrective lens placed inside the rear sight hood. The rule concludes that any rifle not covered by NRA Rule 3.1, but permitted by CMP Rules, is considered an authorized service rifle in NRA sanctioned competition. The MISO (Miniature Iron Sight Optics) sight meets these rules and, more importantly, works as advertised. The science: The MISO lens is produced by Kevin Sanford, an M1A rifle shooter and contact lens manufacturer south of the Mason-Dixon Line in Norfolk, VA. Unlike designs that integrate two zones (near and far), the MISO lens is a single, aspheric lens with a range of focal powers for near, intermediate and distance vision. With the MISO, you're not focusing on two points at one time. Rather, all points are available for the eye to focus on simultaneously. Like any good set of glasses, centering the MISO lens on the pupil is important. But, as explained on Creedmoor's website (the exclusive dealer for the MISO), the fact that "image clarity through the lens is not affected by slight changes of angle allows the MISO lens to be adapted to the M1A rear sight."

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Shooting Sports USA - December 2013