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FeATURe // IRON IN THE SUN bl sig sh R O Iron In The Sun "Lights up, Sights up." Dr. Norman Wong collects and shares insights about the sun's impact on an iron sight picture. As we discover, not all shooters share the same experience. By Norman H. Wong. O.D. Editor's Note. This information was originally posted on during February, 2009. This abbreviated version was edited in 2013 by the author, Norman Wong, former Navy pistol team member, master bullseye shooter and optometrist. Two shooters from Group 2 have since become National Conventional Pistol Champions; Philip Hemphill, National Champion in 2011 and John Zurek, National Civilian Champion in 2013. L ight and shadow can cause optical illusions that may move the apparent aiming point. While most ranges have covered firing points that provide shade for competitors, Camp Perry and the "warm-up" regionals at Canton, OH, do not. If you're confused about your visual perception of iron sights under the open sun, this article addresses those concerns and shares lessons learned from some of the finest bullseye pistol shooters in the country. Our distinguished panel included national champions, national record holders, Olympic-caliber shooters and shooters who are on top of their game. All are high masters (except for two masters) and are Distinguished. Question: Do your shot groupings change when shooting under the open sun? Don Nygord was a member of the U.S. shooting team for over 20 years and wrote extensively during 1998-2003. Many of his articles can be found at NYGORD.htm. Nygord's notes indicate that if the sun is shining from the right, then the front sight blade will be "blurred" on the right side. This will cause the right side to appear thinner, and the apparent gap between the rear sight notch and front 32 SSUSA DECEMBER 2013 F-SSUSA_1312_Iron.indd 32 11/26/13 11:44 AM sc fro to Ei ne fo W ot th fo su no th lig th to us m th m On m su af an ca w th ex w Fr sp fro as th sig sid

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